Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor Review

If you were like me, growing up in the early 2000’s and playing random games on your computer, you probably played the physics based game Bridge Builder, well now in the world of the new and improved console and even mobile gaming a new constructing game called Bridge Constructor has been constructed. The game originally started as an App for mobiles and then eventually ported to console and PC.

The game starts off with an earthquake striking a series of islands and destroying all the bridges. So as the player, you are tasked with building the new bridges for the island. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, at first it is, but as you go further and further into the island, the bridges become more difficult. What’s your objective you might ask? Well, your bridge must at least be sturdy enough to hold the weight of two cars, or if you’re feeling pretty proud of your bridge, truly test your engineering skills, and see if it holds the weight of two trucks.

Bridge Constructor Review

As all bridges are different in real life, as are the ones you must build. Some must be supported by pillars, others by wires, your job is to figure out which works best for each scenario. You start off with the simple material wood, and as you progress you unlock the use of concrete, steel and wires. You are limited to the amount of supplies you can use for each bridge, so you must be careful to not go over this limit but yet make a sturdy enough bridge, this is where it can be tricky at times. Now if you don’t feel like building bridges, you can have fun constructing ramps and send cars flying to the other side. This isn’t a very successful way to move forward but it is entertaining to watch.

The controls feel very mobile game based whereas it is your standard point and click style building game. When looking at the screen, you notice white dots on the grid lines, these dots are where you can connect your bridges and support. Connecting them together usually grants you a stronger bridge.  Your puzzle solving skills get put more to the test the further you go, where towards the end, trying to build a successful bridge with a tight budget and small amount of materials at times feels near impossible.

Bridge Constructor Review

Now for me, this wasn’t a game that I could sit down and play for long periods of time, but it was a nice game to play if you were just looking for something to do for a short period while trying to kill some time, for example, I found this to be my go to game while waiting on updates to install or just felt In the mood for something a little more relaxing. The game’s soundtrack helps with the relaxing mood as it is a very calm and soothing tone. Which I didn’t discover until later due to the fact that starting off the music is muted and you have to un-mute it from the main menu.

All in all though, this isn’t a bad game by any means, yes it does feel like you’re playing a mobile game on your console but that’s not a bad thing. While yes the graphics do look slightly off for being on a next generation console, they do fit the game. This clever building game is a good title to play if you’re looking to test your ability to engineer, or if you’re looking to just have fun making crazy contraptions to see if they work.

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