Kickstarter Musings Part 18 – Divinity: Original Sin 2

Belgian developer Larian Studios may not be a household name but they’ve been diligently churning out games for almost 20 years, the majority of them RPG titles set within the Divinity universe beginning with Divine Divinity in 2002. Divinity: Original Sin was the sixth game in the franchise (although actually a prequel to the original Divine Divinity) and the first to be self-produced by Larian, going on to be their biggest-selling game so far. With the recently announced sequel they look to be improving on everything that made Original Sin great, while adding plenty of new features and ideas.

OriginalSin2-2Original Sin launched as a Kickstarter project in March 2013 aiming to raise $400,000 to complement its development (rather than solely relying on it) but ended up raising nearly $1 million – a quarter of the game’s final budget. This made it one of the biggest Kickstarter successes and although the projected release date of November 2013 was pushed back several times until it was finally released on PC in June 2014 it certainly delivered on its promise with both critics and the public praising its merits. A detailed world, turn-based battles, respect for RPG traditions and the inclusion of cooperative multiplayer all contributed to its success and all pointed towards eventual sequels.

Like it’s predecessor, Original Sin 2 already has funding but the Kickstarter project will serve to ensure extra features can be added – and of course provide greater coverage amongst the press and gamers. The campaign launched on August 26th 2015 and within 12 hours had surpassed its $500,000 target, going on to reach $1 million after just five days – already making it the 27th highest for a Kickstarter video game and with several weeks still to go.

OriginalSin2-3Set several years after the events of Original Sin, gameplay remains turn-based and from an isometric viewpoint with a strong focus on narrative and character development. The much-loved combat of the original is to be expanded upon with cover mechanics and scope for more environment interaction and more focus on crafting and combining talents and spells. Crucially the cooperative options remain with two players able to play locally, and able to play with another pair remotely allowing for up to four players in total – and justifying the options for competitive play as well.  As with the original the game will also ship with the game editor allowing for players to create their own quests and campaigns.

Pledges from $25 ensure you’ll receive a digital download of the final game (there will be no physical release) while a whole host of other reward levels go up into the hundreds and thousands of dollars – with any pledges above $100 also getting you an inclusion in the credits. Due for release in December 2016 Original Sin 2 looks set to be another quality title, and those yet to experience the first Original Sin can look forward to the release of an enhanced edition on PS4 and Xbox One later in 2015.

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