Capcom, please translate The Great Ace Attorney for the West

The Great Ace Attorney

As you may know from reading my articles for this site, I keep my opinions strong and I write with my heart, going against popular opinion if I feel that way. I am writing this because I feel strongly about this one, really strongly. Another thing about me that you may or may not know is the fact I am a huge Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney fan and have been since the first game was translated for the west in 2006. This is all fine, but there is a niggling problem I would like to share with you, if you are a fan I think you will know what I am going to say, but here goes.

Capcom has recently announced Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 6 for Japan and the west. This is excellent; exciting news for us Phoenix Wright fans no doubt, but there was a very disappointing caveat to the announcement. Capcom’s latest lawyer game Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) is not being translated for the west at all on the 3DS. Just a little background on the series for the uninitiated, it is a touch screen DS and 3DS series, it’s stories are like a comic, a story based lawyer situation with outlandish themes and occurrences. They are truly the best in the genre to me and a great thing to get into if you haven’t before! This particular game that has been rejected for translation was set back in the olden days with an ancestor to the main series protagonist Phoenix Wright. The settling is Victorian London during it’s peak, with a steam punk twist, add a pair of Japanese trainee lawyers, a fish out of water sort of thing. Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance in the investigation scenes even! When I speak about it, I don’t know all the details for sure, but then again I haven’t played it, this is the point of the article though!

Phoenix Wright fans in the west are distraught with this news, if you think of your favourite game series, not being ported when it is all ready to go really! I acknowledge what Capcom’s reasoning for not bringing to the west, but at the same time, find it to be devastatingly wrong too. Capcom says the game is too ‘Japanese’ well, that’s really rubbish, I have some counters for that! Look at the most recent trailer for Ace Attorney 6 (it’s just dropped at the Tokyo Game Show this morning) it is very, Asian looking, much more than the great Ace Attorney! If you look at a rival of the Ace Attorney Series, Danganronpa, this is a game that has a strong following, it is distinctly Japanese and it is proud of it, more over it is bringing all of it’s iterations over to success despite it being very Japanese! My third thought for their argument is some fans embrace the Ace Attorney series because of the style of it being so Japanese! So there is no argument here really then!

So the fans want it, we have been on social media letting Capcom know, there have even been petitions made for the translation (for which I will be trying to link below the article)! Capcom have done this before for another Ace Attorney game, Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations 2, while I played through and enjoyed this first one I did find it quite hard in points. I understand from the fans that have played it, the second one is better than the first one, with a gripping story, a more in depth look into Edgeworth’s past and a ton of fun fan service. The more I know about what I know about that game the more I am sad it wasn’t brought to the west. Sure I can watch a translation on YouTube or try to play an emulation of it on a lap top or something, but I am sure fans would agree it’s just not the same as playing it on the 3DS! I don’t want The Great Ace Attorney to go down the same way because if you look at the trailers, it looks like the setting and the action adds up to being perhaps one of the best Ace Attorney games yet! It honestly looks great in music and animation, why do all the hard work in the first place if you are going to not sell it to half the fans of the game series! Plus all the reviews are positive in Japan, Fatimitsu giving it a 9/9/9/8, quite an achievement for a game of this kind, quite a loss for the western fans too!

This is just me, a guy, reaching out for help; please if you feel anything for these games and would like to see this being translated , please let Capcom know. We need to convince the translation would be worth while for them. Would crowd funding help if they don’t have the funds? If we could pre order a digital release of a fully translated game, would that help? Capcom are a great company, they have made some of my favourite games of all time, but I need to let them know how I feel about this! If you want to let them know, tell them on social media, sign the petitions, don’t tell me these things don’t work, just look at Shenmue 3 for goodness sake! Sherlock Holmes meets Ace Attorney with a steam punk twist, what else do I need to say? Please let them know, together we may get a good result for everyone!

Thank you for reading! Fingers crossed we will play The Great Ace Attorney someday on 3DS as it should be, that’s all I want!

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