Overruled! Review

Overruled! Review

Super Smash Bros meets Uno in this multiplayer brawling game developed by Dlala Studios and published by Team17 Software. Throughout the game, players use cards to change the rules and dynamics of the game, making every game different from the last and even changing up the game type half way through. One minute you’re playing Capture the Flag and the next you’re playing a Deathmatch; and honestly? It was just too much of a mess for me.

Now of course it’s great to have a game with varying game types – it’d be boring if there weren’t, but having the game change SO MUCH during one match is just a lot to get the hang of. It’s fun, I’ll give it that, but the novelty wears off soon after starting and as much as I’d like to say the game is good, it’s nothing to really get too excited about.

Overruled! Review

When it comes to playing the games I review, I don’t like to have to get more people involved if it’s not necessary; I don’t know if the game is going to be any good and I don’t want to have to force someone to play something that in the end might not be very good but that’s not how it worked with Overruled! I had to have one of my friends play with me in order to try the main game. Sure, I could play the challenge modes on my own, but a game like this that gets boring quickly with other people is pretty much boring from the get go when you’re playing by yourself.

Why did you have to make your friend play in a local match? Why couldn’t you just play online? Why couldn’t you play with NPCs? I pretend to hear you asking. Well, sadly it seems that Overruled! is not as popular as a player may hope as no one is actually playing it and there’s no NPC option (or at least no clear one as I’m unable to find it). Forget about joining a lobby because from what I can see I am the only person playing this game. Picture me right now: I’m sitting on my bed writing this review and staring at my television screen hoping that someone, ANYONE, will join the lobby I’ve created after waiting here for a good 10 minutes now. It’s Giana Sisters: Dream Runners all over again; except with that game I could play for more than five minutes on my own and not get bored! No one is playing, so there is no one to play with and in a game that’s based solely around a multiplayer system, this is frankly just poor.

The graphics are what you’d expect of an indie game like this. The designers have clearly opted for a comic book style with the fonts and the character designs are fun, ranging from an excitable werewolf girl to a watermelon headed wrestler – players will definitely have their favourites, which is great for a game of this sort. Also, the trailer for the game made a very big deal of noting that the games voice acting is done by some of your “FAVOURITE YOUTUBERS” such as Tcshad and Miss Mousie Mouse. Now, I’m very big into YouTube but I’d never heard of any of the YouTubers that were mentioned. That’s not to say they may not be big in their own right, but I feel that advertising YouTube talent in your game should be reserved for names like PewDiePie and Smosh. People that most people on the internet have heard of, otherwise it’s not worth mentioning at all.

Overruled! Review

The audio in the game is frustratingly repetitive and is probably my least favourite thing, after not being able to play online. I’ve been listening to the same looped two bars of music for the last half an hour purely because there’s nothing else. It doesn’t change when you move from the main menu to a lobby but it does change very slightly when you actually play in a game, so I’ll give it that.

So will I be playing Overruled! again? No but if you can find someone who’s willing to play with you or by some miracle you find an online lobby then maybe give it a go, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

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