Super Time Force Ultra Review

Super Time Force Ultra Review

Be prepared for non-stop, fast paced action from the start with Super Time Force Ultra. This is another one of the Playstation plus free titles this month and certainly packs a punch. Dying and respawning is an essential process with any game but with Super Time Force it integral. With this game though there’s an interesting twist to the gameplay. You are able to stop and rewind gameplay when you die to attempt to take on that section of the level again.

Super Time Force was actually released back in May, 2014 on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This title could in a way be described as a new type of gaming ‘genre’ because of its unique gameplay mechanics. You play as a range of characters who I would describe as super heroes with guns and the ability to time travel (it’s as awesome as it sounds). During the game you travel through various worlds that are all very unique and diverse.

The game basically boils down to shooting, platforming and facing big bosses. The interesting thing I loved about the game was that you could hit the circle button and rewind to take on a section of the level again. I also really liked the ability to switch up playable characters during levels. One thing I found tricky was that the more you rewind the more complicated it can become when jumping back in. But the more “ghosts” or former plays you leave on stage, the harder it is for you to keep track of your character.

Super Time Force Ultra Review

Despite having a couple of minor rewind issues, the game plays fantastically and the game mechanics are very responsive. There are nineteen playable characters that all look awesome and play differently. There are even a few really cool characters that include Sony Computer Entertainment chairman Shuhei Yoshida and Sir Galahad from The Order 1886.

Each player has a standard attack and a charged attack, which is really useful when taking on different enemies. If the fallen team member’s death is prevented, the character will freeze in time until they are touched. After the rescue, you will be given one hit of bonus armor as well as the added charge attack of the saved teammate. This ability to mix and match charged attacks is really interesting and adds another layer to the gameplay. A separate hardcore mode opens up after clearing the game for the first time and you’re able to access it and vanilla Super Time Force from the main menu at any time without worrying about progress in one mode overwriting the other.

The game is extremely addictive and visually impressive. The game looks incredible, the animations are seamless, and the bursts of fire and explosions are all a wonderful thunderstorm of colorful pixel bits. The game also looks stunning on the Playstation Vita screen. Character variety is interesting and also key to getting through levels. It also gives the game a real sense of replayability.

Super Time Force Ultra Review

The game has various collectables and also features a game+ mode. Each of the characters are unique and the game is also extremely funny at times. It seems that lately 16-bit style games have once again become very popular with the likes of Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge and this game is another brilliant example of why we still love this style of game. Also impressive on the presentation side is the soundtrack. Each theme is fun to listen to while you run through levels, rewind time, and blast multiple enemies. The soundtrack is fast-paced and action-themed, with plenty of memorable tracks.

Overall this game is another fantastic addition to the Playstation library and is well worth spending your time with. The gameplay is frantic, fast-paced and unique. I spent around 8 hours finishing the game and would certainly replay it again at some point. I would strongly recommend downloading this game for its strong level design, interesting characters and unique gameplay mechanics.

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