Lumini Review

Lumini Review

Lumini is a different kind of adventure game. Actually it is a unique experience altogether.  As the title implies the game revolves around Lumini. Lumini are a long forgotten species that you control. They are a swarm of tiny flying creatures that you will use to save the planet. They are an alien species that is almost extinct. The story is quite simple. Your goal as the player is to get to the heart of the world and heal it. In order to do that, you have to get them there alive.

The story isn’t long or drawn out. It is short, sweet and to the point. Usually having a short story doesn’t work out in the game’s favor but with Lumini it just fits. Lumini are split up into 4 different color groups blue, red, yellow, and purple. Yellow Lumini can emit lightning sparks that are used to pick up collectibles. The purple Lumini don’t have any special abilities. The red ones can emit a damaging blast and the blue ones can dash. As you fly through each level you will pick  up energy and bring it back to the collector crystals. Bringing the energy back to the crystal helps to restore balance to the world. That is pretty much your main goal throughout the game.

Lumini Review

Let’s start out with the positive aspects of the game. The graphics are gorgeous. I loved that eachgroup of Lumini was a different color. The backgrounds made you feel like you were in an alien landscape. The Lumini weren’t quite fish but not exactly birds either. You almost felt like you were in an underwater cavern. It truly is a world of its own. The glowing aspect of the Lumini andof the environment only add to the ambiance of the game.The background music truly ties in with the game. The music is enchanting, relaxing, and has a mystical quality to it.

It is easy to lose Lumini in the game. Once you lose all of them and don’t reach a checkpoint you start all over again. Which makes replayability of the game low. Once you make it through a level you do not want to go back. Each level flows seamlessly from one to the other. Each level is expansive as well. I like the fact that the levels are seamless because it makes the game feel more like an adventure game. There are some parts in the game that can be really easy but then there are others that are very tricky. Trying to maneuver two groups of Lumini at once on a keyboard can be tricky.

Lumini Review

Lumini can die fairly easy in the game and when you beat the entire game a hard difficulty is unlocked. If you are going to play this game, it is better with a controller. If you play on the keyboard it will frustrate you and turn you off from the game. The controls are needlessly complicated on the keyboard as a result of having to control two groups at once. It is to get confused and make a mistake. Not to mention there was no tutorial to show you what the controls were. You have to go to the main menu and find out what they are that way.

Lumini has amazing graphics, beautiful music, and  the Lumini are very sweet. The game is relaxing, but there is just not enough to do in the game. I found myself getting bored really fast. It seems that this game would be better as an app game you play to kill time. The whole point in a game is to have stuff to do in it. Why would I want to play a game where I find myself saying ok now what? Lumini has potential and is a charming game. For me, I need something that has more of a challenge and more content.

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