Extreme Exorcism Review

Extreme Exorcism Review

The Wii U Eshop has provided us with another very different game to look at. Extreme Exorcism was a part of the Nindies at home E3 event and for me it was the stand out game! This may be a big hint for how this review is going to go, but it still worth going on, this game is familiar, but very new and unique too, let me expand that thought though!

At first glance you can see exactly what this game is from theme to style, to gameplay. I personally was hooked from then, of course you cannot judge until you get a chance to play it properly yourself. The premise as you would guess is you are an exorcist or ghost hunter and you are using extreme measures to kill them!

Yes in this 2D platformer you use shot guns, rocket launchers, kung fu kicks, these are all available weapons you pick up and use from small portal type things scattered about the levels. You do one shot, get one hit and that’s the ghost dead! Sounds simple eh? No, here’s the kicker, what do ghosts do? Haunt you! In this game you kill the first ghost and the next round, a ghost appears copying exactly what you did in the previous round! Whether you ran about shooting madly or you shot once to kill your prey, it copies your exact moves. Each new round the new ghost wears a crown and that is the one you need to kill to complete the round. It goes on with you winning rounds, the more you do the more ghosts you get! All repeating your actions from a round previous!

Extreme Exorcism Review

Man it is dizzying just typing this out, but from there you eventually get a weapon appearing that looks like a pair of wings, this is the exorcism weapon. You use that and you float with a purple circle around you, any ghost that goes into that circle is permanently dead, gone forever, making your life easier, it can be hard in round ten with all those ghosts running about so this is a handy thing to do!

The levels can go on for ages, it’s really all about racking up high scores, the more you score the more levels (Libraries, Conservatories, Graveyards ect) and weapons open up, each location brings it’s own mechanisms and each weapon has different types of impacts.

Add it all up and you get a very decent game for the price point, add to it the four player same screen multiplayer and it becomes madness! Like Runbow before it, this is making the party game scene very busy on the eshop and this is up there with the best.

Extreme Exorcism Review

I am not just saying this because of hype, the game play reminds me of classic games I played as a kid, thinking of the old classic Bruce Lee game on Commodore 64, crossed with the looks of one of my favourite PC games ever Ghost Master (if you don’t know about it look it up!) mixed in with the frantic manic game Bomberman at it’s best! The sounds and graphics are great in their retro style, fitting the game very well for me.

Overall this is a big hit for me, the ghosts and the 2D platform fighting are great fun, but if you think deeper, in the thick of it, tactics you can use to make life easier for yourself, add another layer to proceedings and adding human opponents adds so much more! A screen full of ghosts can be confusing but it works. This for me is one of the best indie offerings this year and I would say it is worth the price point for sure, do yourself a favour and give it at try if you think at all it would suit you!

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