Game City Vienna 2015

Game City Vienna 2015

If you think videogames, cosplayers, e-sports, big new game announcements and groundbreaking game-related keynote speeches … what city comes to mind? That’s right: Los Angeles. This week however, Vienna was the place to be when you wanted to test out new games, see hot girls dressed as Assassin’s Creed characters or write your name in the death note (what a tempting offer that was).

The big thing at Game City this year was Virtual Realities. Sony, in particular, made a big fuss about their PlayStation VR that caught the internet’s attention under it’s badass synonyme “Project Morpheus” for a while now. The information and impressions I was able to gather were too little for a review, but here is valuable information for you none the less: There will be a bunch of games with VR support right at it’s release: London Heist, Battle Zone and Kitchen to name just the most anticipated ones.

Game City Vienna 2015

This year’s symposium F.R.O.G. (Future and Reality Of Gaming) was about this exact branch of game development and held under the title “inter/play”, where various expert developers shared their thoughts on how to integrate real life actions into the gaming experience.

As you would expect: Queues everywhere. For the VR booths, for testing out the new Assassin’s Creed Syndicate or Star Wars Battlefront, but you would be blown away by how long the queue was for a meet and greet with Let’s-Player VeniCraft and Chaosflo44. I am usually someone who enjoys seeing everything about games rising in popularity, but the way these kids adored dudes who play videogames and put it on YouTube, was quite scary. Apparently 300k subscribers make you a demigod amongst a certain age group.

Game City Vienna 2015

Pleasantly surprising was the fact that Nintendo really brought their A-game and made me think hard about getting a Wii U right away. Their upcoming releases The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes and Star Fox Zero look really promising and them, paired with a chance to get my hand on their latest releases like Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolly World really triggered my inner child.

For the avid e-sports fan there was a fair bit of action going on with rather interesting tournaments being played – all under the title “Austrian Masters”. DotA 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone once again proving that the MOBA genre is the future of e-sports. With the League of Legends World Championship going on right now, aswell as Blizzcon in Prague this weekend, only a couple of kilometers away from Vienna, I probably don’t have to mention that there were no international high-profile teams playing in the city of music.

Game City Vienna 2015

If a company like Microsoft shows up, you always expect a little more though, especially when two thirds of the event is covered in XBOX posters and there is an own “Windows 10 experience area”. Such as Ubisoft and EA – who both didn’t bother to put too much effort into this event – Microsoft had all it’s games with recent or soon release dates on display. Additionally though, Microsoft displayed their new, improved and very expensive Elite Wireless Controller. For Austrian audiences this was the first time they were able to lay hands on this new piece of hardware. This particular experience was rather forgettable.

The whole package of Game City though was remarkable. If you don’t mind standing in line for quite a while, you will very likely have an awesome time, when you all come to Game City Vienna in 2016.

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