Top 5 Upcoming Vita Games (that you’ve Probably Never Heard of)


There’s been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding Sony’s handheld as of late, primarily due to a few honest, throwaway comments made by President of Sony’s Worldwide Studio’s Shuhei Yoshida at this year’s EGX in regards to a successor to the PS Vita. I’m not going to delve into specifics here, but the long and short of it is that we will most likely not see a PS Vita 2 for a very long time, or may possibly never see a successor to my favourite handheld ever again. This makes me really sad, but instead of wallowing in my sadness I’ve decided to turn this negative energy into something positive and re-focus my attention on the future of the Vita going forward into the tail-end of 2015 and beyond.

At the end of the day, despite what many gamers say, the Vita is not dead. It’s doing well in its native Japan, as demonstrated by its fascinating TGS 2015 lineup, and there are still a ton of Indie developers who do make money when bringing their games over to the Vita from the PC. For many like me the Vita has pretty much become a handheld Steam Machine playing top-notch PC games such as Rogue Legacy, Hotline Miami 1 & 2, Terraria, Minecraft and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (to name but a few). And the beauty is that there are still more coming.

There are rumours floating around of a Civilization port coming to Vita and an X-COM game coming over too (take this with a grain of salt as Sony hasn’t properly announced them yet). However, while everyone patiently waits for the big-hitters like Severed, Bastion, Axiom VergeVolume, Rainbow Skies, Mighty No. 9 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night I’m here to list 5 Vita games that I’m super stoked for that may have flown under many gamer’s radars. Because everyone loves lists.

Salt and Sanctuary PS Vita

5.) Salt and Sanctuary
From the creators of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Charlie Murder comes Ska Studios’ new 2D action RPG Salt and Sanctuary. The hand-drawn stylistic visuals look dark and beautiful and it also looks very much like a 2D Dark Souls – which is a very, very good thing. Salt and Sanctuary promises deep, satisfying combat, with diverse character builds and some awesome, formidable bosses too. Salt and Sanctuary launches on PS Vita and PS4 in 2016.

The Banner Saga PS Vita

4.) The Banner Saga
Okay, so this game is already out on PC and iOS but it still counts! The Banner Saga is an epic RPG Viking saga where important choices that you make directly influence your personal journey. Combat is strategic, turn-based and reminds me a lot of Final Fantasty Tactics (which is an awesome game). I havn’t played it yet to be honest and am instead waiting patiently for the Vita port. The Banner Saga launches on PS Vita and PS4 in late 2015.

Hyper Light Drifter PS Vita

3.) Hyper Light Drifter
Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D action RPG that pays homage to the 8-bit and 16-bit era, whilst giving the classic formula some neat, modern twists. It’s very much inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo. The art-style looks incredible and I can’t wait to explore its vast and beautiful world on the PS Vita. Hyper Light Drifter launches on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox One and Ouya in 2016.

Darkest Dungeon PS Vita

2.) Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG with a dark, gothic aesthetic. The game is supposed to be brutally difficult, which always piques my interest. As players explore the dungeons, the light of your heroes’ torch gets dimmer, which means the dungeons get more dangerous but yields better loot as well. Your party members can also get scared, go crazy and attack your own team, which sounds like a really neat idea. I love challenging games and Darkest Dungeon looks as hard as a diamond gobstopper. And I’m totally down for that! Darkest Dungeon launches on PS Vita and PS4 in early 2016.

Siralim PS Vita

1.) Siralim
Siralim has been on my radar for a while now and it looks amazing. It’s a deep, monster catching RPG with light roguelike elements that allows you to summon and customize hundreds of creatures to fight in strategic turn-based battles. It’s kind of like a certain popular Nintendo game but set in a classical fantasy RPG setting. The game boasts that you can cast over 100 different spells, upgrade your castle, craft and enchant equipment, craft powerful new eggs to hatch and even fight in your kingdom’s battle arena for fame, fortune and glory. And apparently, no two dungeons are the same! This is surprisingly Thylacine Studios’ first game which astounds me as this game not only looks ambitious, but also radiates an air of confidence in its classical fantasy source material. Siralim looks really fresh, incredibly addictive and perfect for on-the-go gaming. I can’t wait to venture forth and explore the kingdom of Siralim on my PS Vita. Siralim launches in late 2015 for PS Vita and PS4.

Honourable Mentions:-

Dragon Fin Soup

Not A Hero

Papers, Please

What Vita games are you excited for? Do you, like me, hope more Japanese games get localised for the West? (I’m looking at you Dragon Quest Builders!) Let me know in the comments below!

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