NeuroVoider Preview


Before reviewing this game I should state that it is in early alpha development, meaning a lot of the features are missing. In fact, when starting the game it gives you a list of features that are not currently included; for example cinematic scenes and boss battles. But fortunately the lack of these features doesn’t stop the game from being fun. Seeing I enjoyed this build of the game, I look forward to seeing the finished product.

I guess this game would be considered “indie” due to its pixelated art style, but it is also very unique. Like few games that have the indie tag on them, NeuroVoider peaked my interest more than other titles have. The game slightly plays like Hotline Miami, you have a lot of freedom to move around and also the ability to shoot all around you. You play as a robot and can modify yourself with parts scavenged from robots you have destroyed. The game is played in levels, and in-between each level is the opportunity to utilize the upgrades you’ve found. It is highly recommended that you use these upgrades, as trying to survive all the levels with only a basic robot is next to impossible.


The idea in the final product is that you will go through all of these levels, and then you will be taken to a boss fight. To warp to the next level, you must teleport to it. In order to teleport you must gather enough crystals from destroying enemies, this usually required you to kill all the other robots in the earlier levels. However, this task slowly grows harder and harder. This is because as you grow, so do the opposing forces. This forces you to upgrade as, like I mentioned earlier, you would be the ant while the other robots would be the shoe crushing you in a single hit.

You also get the choice of your special move when starting the set of levels, there are a huge number of these powers and each as good as the other. This opens up a world of combat possibilities, meaning that the combinations of parts and powers are practically endless. You also have two weapon slots, so for those who wish (like myself) can carry both a nuke launcher and a “cyber-sword”.


NeuroVoider also offers its experience to those with f riends, as you can have up to four players in one game. You and your friends can work together to fight through these challenging waves and take on the boss. In this way the game is very much like Castle Crashers, and this is a huge plus point. Without the ability to play with friends this game would shortly become tedious, although I did almost play an hour straight when I was on my own.  The music also suits the game well, the rhythm of the futurist yet simple music flows through you as you turn huge robots into scrap.

Overall this is a really impressive start to a game, especially one that is only in early alpha development. The developers seem to have the art style and music perfected, but obviously more work is needed in extra game modes to offer a range of activities within the game. If scoring this game i’d give it 7 out of ten, as without the extra content this game seems like something I’d play if I was bored at school. However, it is very impressive that the game managed to be at this high standard of quality despite being in super early development.

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