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Quest of Dungeons is a turn-based, rogue-like dungeon crawler made by Upfall Studios. A dark lord has stolen the light around you and it’s your job to take him down.

The game starts with a funny opening sequence and you then go on to choose one of four characters. Each has different abilities and attributes. The fighter is good at close combat, which happens a lot. Then there’s the Shaman who has some area of effect magic but also does some fine close range combat, and the Wizard uses a wide variety of spells to get the job done. My favourite class to play was the Archer, who can attack from a distance and can pick up some area of effect spells during the game. The story is fairly simple but enjoyable.

The levels in the game are procedurally generated, which is a common trait of most rogue-like games. I enjoyed this as it meant that each time I restarted the level had different layouts, where loot, enemies and stairs could be found. This kept me interested and wanting to keep exploring every area. When you hear the term ‘turn-based’ you can instantly think the gameplay is going to be fairly slow, but Quest of Dungeons is in actual fact fairly fast paced. Controls are mostly fluid with a few problems here and there, although they can act a bit odd under certain circumstances.

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As you progress through the various dungeons you kill enemies, loot objects and face bosses. The aim of the game is fairly simple but also very addictive and enjoyable. During the game you gain XP and once you have enough you level up. This also restores your health and mana, which is vital to getting deeper into the game. I liked the depth to the game a lot, as there’s a lot of different things going on which make it enjoyable.

There is also a fairly extensive inventory system, which relies on buying and selling items as well as getting new equipment to improve your hero which is an essential part of the game. In the dungeons you will come across traps, stashes of loot and power-ups. Some areas need to be unlocked using keys that you find during the course of the game. Another interesting twist was the portals I found that transport you to another zone. The main aim is to find the stairs and go deeper into the dungeon. You can learn different attacks by finding tombstones that grant you various abilities.

There are also easy, normal, hard, and hell modes that unlock as you complete the dungeon, so you’ll be able to come back and play on a more challenging setting. The only real thing I wish they had included was multiplayer. It would be fun to have played some couch co-op with friends and family. The game also offers a leaderboard and a list of achievements through Game Center.

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There have been many games recently that have used pixel style graphics and it seems very popular at the moment. With this game being a rogue-like you pretty much can predict what to expect. I always love playing these types of games as it reminds me of gaming when I was younger. I love big AAA games, but I have to say I really enjoy being able to jump back into much simpler games on next-gen consoles. Visually the game uses light and dark really well and uses illumination in the dungeons nicely. The characters, enemies and items have colourful and vibrant in contrast to the grey backdrop. You can only see a short distance ahead of you, even in a small room there will be dark corners until you approach them.

I absolutely loved the sound in Quest of Dungeons. The sound effects are quirky and suit the gameplay and characters very well. I enjoyed the soundtrack, which reminded me of games like Shovel Knight.

Quest of Dungeons is an awesome little rogue-like game that was much better than I expected. The game isn’t hugely long in terms of length, but it doesn’t need to be. The key to the game is managing abilities and how to take on enemies, which can be extremely satisfying. I would strongly recommend this game even if you have never really played similar style games. It’s also nice how you can crank up the difficulty to make things more challenging. Quest of Dungeons is fun, challenging, memorable and an all around fun time.

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