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Generally speaking, the more one enjoys a game, the more time they will spend with it. Even short games will be played over and over if they warrant it. I played Portal from start to finish at least 5 times because of how good it is. If you have never played Portal I suggest you start playing it ASAP. Krinkle Krusher, however, is a game I had to play solely because I am writing this review.

Honestly I don’t understand why IIG would make Krinkle Krusher. I don’t know what they think the target market is for this game. It has a cartoony style that small children would possibly enjoy, but the immediate challenge ramp would put a quick end to any lasting play. Perhaps this game was made for the new “Mom” market that has been playing candy crush.. but I doubt that, considering it’s on the Playstation 4, PS3 & Vita, these are not the usual devices moms use for gaming. If it’s too hard for a veteran gamer like myself, I doubt anyone from the mom demographic will enjoy it. Is it for hardcore gamers? The challenge would suggest this, but the lack of depth and the style would not appeal to those who enjoy GTA V, Bloodborne or Destiny.

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You are a white glove with a magic ring. The ring gives you the power to lay down traps to kill the minions. At first you can shock a minion which kills it after 2 hits. Next you gain access to a small fire wall trap, it takes 3 hits of this trap to kill a minion. You can only use each power a number of times in quick succession before you temporarily burn out that power and have to wait for it to recharge. The last ability I saw was a food cart drop. Access to the item is granted to you when you destroy the minion holding it, and it attracts other minions to it buying you precious time. Each stage has a 3 star system, very un-original, if you should get all 3 stars you will receive a blue gem. 8 blue gems grants you access to the Mage’s Tower. Alas my 33 years of gaming experience was not enough to get me past the 7th stage of this game let alone achieving 3 stars on each stage needed to grant access to the Mage’s Tower.

The controls for this game are not as precise as I feel they need to be for this type of game. I’m not sure why this game is on the Playstation 4 and not on a tablet, Krinkle Krusher screams tablet, from its style to it’s control scheme and it’s apparent lack of depth. However I doubt I would play it for more than a few minutes on my Ipad even if it was free. This game is not a Freemium game, though it really feels like one.

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Graphically speaking Krinkle Krusher has that modern cartoonish freemium style we see way too much of these days. The enemies you face in the first few rounds all look the same. If you deal damage to an enemy it looks no different, leaving you guessing how many more traps you need to set to defeat that enemy. After a few more rounds a new type of enemy appears looking the same except it has a purple back which indicates that it moves diagonally instead of straight ahead. Strange design choice as you can see the minion moves diagonally as soon as they appear. According to the website there are 3 locations, the starting Castle area, which is basically 3 screens that look pretty similar and 2 other locations I wasn’t able to reach because of the game’s difficulty.

Sound and music cannot save this game but it does a passing job. There is some voice acting in the cartoon cinematics but nothing to write home about.

I do not recommend you pay money for this game or play it. If you are still unsure, watch the trailer, perhaps it’s the kind of game you would enjoy, but I failed to find any fun with it.

Bonus Stage Rating - Poor 3/10

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