Top Slot Machine Games for Gaming Consoles

Console gaming has flourished with its 7th iteration of consoles. The PlayStation 4 continues to sell big and the Xbox One is slowly but surely catching up, with promise of backwards compatibility and excellent line up of exclusives. In the realm of online gaming however, consoles have steadily grown in popularity as a desirable “couch activity” where you can just sit back and play your favorite casino games. They are also better regulated than online casinos since the games are available on Microsoft or Sony’s marketplaces. For players who wish to stay informed, here is a list of rogue and unethical online casinos operating in the UK.


First things first – one of the biggest names in video games, Konami has recently stated that they are planning to focus exclusively on their casino gaming portion, and they have plans to port some of their major video game franchises on slot machines. They have already shown plans for a Silent Hill slot as well as some other franchises (who knows, they might even make a Metal Gear slot for all we know). So, if you are a fan of Konami, some great themed games might be coming your way.

Now for the actual slots you can play on your PlayStation or Xbox console, the best choice is the Casino Nights series. Ported for both systems this collection of many different casino games includes some of the best Slots available on a gaming console. The game was developed by GZ Storm and features 6 (or more in the latter versions) casino games, like Roulette, Blackjack, Red Dog, Keno, Video Poker and of course, Slots. What is great about Casino Nights is the effortless game play that is easily accessible for casual players who have never interacted with a console game system before. Using the Xbox or PlayStation gamepad allows you to quickly navigate to your favorite game and spin to your heart’s content. The graphics are also on par with interesting animations and colorful elements that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Casino Nights

Speaking of Xbox, its Live marketplace is teeming with excellent slot variations, not unlike Starship slots – an accessible indie title that is excellent for all pro and casual slots players, with a great theme and excellent rewards.

The PlayStation fans can enjoy Battle Slots – a great slots title with action elements. It has a quest like feature which lets you progress through the story by “defeating” the challenges in the form of a standard video slot format. We recommend Battle Slots for its unique take on the standard video slot fare and the excellent look and feel of the game, especially the atmospheric sounds and animations that invoke ancient battles.

Last but not least, if you are a fan of Nintendo you might find some fun games on their platform that feature a slot game here and there, though they aren’t strictly labeled as casino games.

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