World of Warcraft Legion coming September 2016?

A background image was found in the depths of and subsequently posted for all eyes to see. It’s been taken down by Blizzard, attempting to thwart the crafty members of the Reddit community who had secured the image for a while. However it’s circulated enough that it’s sure to strike up excitement in the hearts of loyal WoW fans, or inevitably end with, “It’ll never be as good as vanilla WoW.”

World of Warcraft Legion is rumoured for release on or before September 26th 2016, however it’s subject to change.

Those who pre-purchase the new Digital Standard Edition for $49.99 will get a level 100 character boost, along with being granted early access to the Demon Hunter Hero Class.

If you fork out some more cash – $69.99 – you’ll unlock an Illidari Felstalker mount, a demon pet amusingly titled ‘Nibbles’, what look like Illidan wings for Diablo 3. The folks over at Blizzard Watch have provided more info on the other rewards being a felstalker mount for Heroes of The Storm and a couple of portraits for Starcraft 2.

If all this uncertainty is driving you crazy, Blizzcon starts shortly and will be sure to provide a bunch of new information on Legion.

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