IGN launch TV channel – IGN1

In quite a surprising manner, IGN have released a 24/7 gaming channel entitled IGN1. Evoking a Twitch style, it has a chat bar on the side where registered members can natter about what’s on-screen, or just post endless memes and walls of text. There’s a schedule if you scroll down, that tells you what’s coming up within the next few minutes, or even each day if you’re really curious. Besides that, it’s not immensely ground-breaking but does offer something continuous to watch if you want an IGN-ified Twitch so to speak.

It does however have a clear objective; grab all the IGN viewers, put them under the same umbrella and make them talk to one another.

Marty Sliva, a Senior Editor at IGN states,

The best part is that we’ll all be experiencing the same shows at the same time, and we’ll all be able to chat with each other while watching them. Check out the video review of a big game, movie, or TV show, and immediately start chatting with the reviewer. Tune in to our big E3 and Comic-Con live streams, and interact with the hosts in real-time. Watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then come geek out with the rest of us in real-time.

In a somewhat peculiar circumstance, I actually found it extremely hard to find IGN1 as a service on the IGN homepage. It’s not immediately in your face, there’s certainly no marketing or advertising campaign involved. Even if you go ahead and click a video, it doesn’t whisk you off to watch it on IGN1. Interesting.

Although I appreciate the idea that IGN members can all band together and talk about their favourite games, exciting trailers or chat to the reviewers; I feel that it has a bit of a mountain to climb if it wants to rival Twitch. However it’ll undergo a number of changes over the coming months which might give it the publicity it so desperately needs and unveil some silky new features.

Check it out for yourself here and let me know what you think. Do you reckon it’s worth a watch?

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