World of Warcraft Legion Class Previews Incoming

The folks over at Blizzard have just announced that in a series of blog posts over the next few days, they will showcase how each class in World of Warcraft will be affected by the new expansion.

Going into Legion, our guiding purpose is to strengthen the distinctive identity of each of our 12 classes and their specializations.

It seems that each class will receive a number of distinctive changes, ranging from purely cosmetic, to redefining some specialisations – specs – to give them a greater sense of identity.

The scope of these efforts includes making cosmetic improvements, enhancing existing abilities, adding new abilities, replacing too-generic abilities with more iconic ones, adjusting rotations to better reflect spec identity, and even completely redesigning some specs to carve out a strong identity where previously there was none.

We’re also reminded that each classes core abilities are the foundations upon which talents and new Artifact traits will be built. Talents are also going to play a much more important role in Legion, giving players a better opportunity to craft the character they want to play, or targeting a specific play style. They’re even quadrupling the number of spec-specific talents which is certainly going to help you accomplish all this.

Here’s the schedule for the class preview series:

Sunday 8/11 Monday 9/11 Tuesday 10/11 Wednesday 11/11 Thursday 12/11
Overview Priest Warlock Warrior Rogue
Hunter Mage Death Knight Monk
Paladin Shaman Druid

Make sure you keep an eye on the official website for the changes coming to your favourite classes.

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