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As a child of the 80’s if you ask me what my favourite generation of movies is it’d simply be 80’s, Commando, Running Man, Rambo, I could list great movies for ages! I have a feeling that the guy who made this game has a similar taste in movies to me! Basically this game is an embodiment of these movies crossed with a 2D shooter like Contra, but is it as good as it sounds? Let’s find out!

Let’s stand back for a moment, yes I can see comparisons in gameplay to similar games, you can spot the games instantly, Contra, Metal Slug are prime examples for me. These are great 2D platforming side scrolling, and its own way this actually does a not to bad job at standing up to it’s predecessors. The story is nonsensical, it boils down to shoot the baddies and stop them doing something bad, like all other action games and movies! While I am not looking for Shakespeare in my games, I think a little decent story can help a game out a bit, this isn’t completely the case here, it is fine in fact, I mean you don’t buy a game like this expecting a heavy story, I am sure the latest Metal Gear Solid can do that for you!

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I mean look at the graphics, it’s nothing ground breaking, not 8-bit style, not 16-bit style, they are unique and suit the gameplay style. Lots of guns lots of enemies to shoot, lots of explosions they are all looking pretty good in the cartoony style. The music that plays during it typical if a little simple too, it does add to the feeling of chaos and the overall fun too. Together all in all they add up to a decent package for an indie, nothing special functional and able to come out with a nice surprise from time to time!

That’s one of the best thing about this game really, while maybe not as good as it’s predecessors, it’s game play is pretty fun. Wild explosions, various mad fun to fight guardians, interesting locations to be fighting on top of a missile on an enemy base and the like. You get the idea, if you compare it to Contra it is a bit more forgiving, you have a life bar instead of a one hit kill anyway. In the same hand if you compare it to Metal Slug it actually plays a bit quicker. I wouldn’t say this game is better than either, I mean they are true classics and while this game is good, it isn’t quite there really. I can’t really put my finger on it, maybe it just isn’t as polished as it should be, there are a few bugs I came across, not game breaking, just noticeable in general. For me too there is an unfortunately feeling of done this and it was better before for me too.

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I don’t want to criticise the game too much, the controls are good, the graphics are fine and you can tell the designer has a passion for the game, even though it is originally on mobile platforms, this port is good still and you can see that through it. I mean you choice of weapons is excellent with flame throwers and all sorts and the characters you can pick all look like the action heroes of yesteryear with Sly and Mr. T and more! The sense of humour is good in the game too, whether you are jumping from tank to tank or blowing up a missile silo it is all done with a tongue firmly in it’s cheek!

It’s hard to pin down whether to just let go and enjoy this one or not, it’s a capable game, it’s funny in parts even. For me it’s just a foreboding feeling of being there and done that for me in general however and the games I have played before similar have always been better. However having said that there isn’t much like this for the 3DS and the price point is decent so it might be a good option to scratch an itch for action fans really!

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