League of Legends 2016 Preseason Spotlight Released

Now that the League of Legends World Championships are over and the confetti has settled, it’s the time of year where Riot decides to bombard us with a ton of changes.

Riot’s been busy updating the match-making system and even acknowledged that their aged client was in serious need of a face-lift. I wrote an article a little while ago detailing more of these updates which are pretty extensive to say the least.

Rift Herald is an avid bird watcher.

They’ve also taken a look at the core gameplay of League of Legends and attempted to change things for the better.

Buffs are being granted to some of the adc’s, giving them a more impactful role on the rift. Having watched some footage on various streams, lets just say that ‘impactful’ may be an understatement. We also see wards being updated, a new debris mechanic put in place, and various items introduced to offer more options in the early game and otherwise. Trinkets automatically upgrade for you, and new potions add some interesting elements to the way you play. And let’s not forget the introduction of the Rift Herald who spawns in the Baron pit for the first 20 minutes. He’s been introduced to add a bit more spice to the toplane, giving you and your jungler an objective to fight over.

You can check out the full list of changes here:

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