New League of Legends Champion Illaoi Unveiled

The number of updates Riot are announcing at the moment is outrageous. Now they’ve decided to increase hype levels even more and reveal new female juggernaut – Illaoi.

Being a hardy warrior-priestess, she can summon a god named Nagakabouros to help her out in fights.

As Illaoi’s passive ‘Prophet of an Elder God’ Nagakabouros helps her out by spawning tentacles on nearby walls. With ‘Test of Spirit’, she can wrench her target’s spirit from them and inflict damage even if their actual physical form is running away. If the target’s spirit is destroyed, or the target runs far enough away from her, they undergo a slowing effect whilst being bludgeoned to death.

While Illaoi will generally prefer to steal the spirits of squishy targets, landing Test of Spirit on a frontline enemy still offers Illaoi and her team options. The spirit will be tankier (its health and resistances reflect those of her target), but by focusing it down, Illaoi’s allies will force their enemies to make a tough choice: contest the objective and fight through the ever growing tentacled gauntlet, or give up the objective entirely.

The tentacles as a whole, create an area of effect scenario, whereby enemies need to be careful they don’t pick fights in a range of a good beating.

Illaoi’s ultimate also looks devastating, allowing her to land on a bunch of enemies and summoning a tentacle for every champion hit. This also renders her other ability ‘Harsh Lesson’ a reduced cooldown. Meaning that she deals increased bonus physical damage as a basic attack whilst commanding all summoned tentacles to hit the target of choice. Ouch.

While Leap of Faith is theoretically only as powerful as the number of enemies Illaoi lands it on, the ability itself has a huge psychological impact on the enemy team. Either they split up as Illaoi calls on her god, or they risk fighting under a cluster of enraged tentacles. Neither ends well for Illaoi’s enemies.

Check out all the details on Illaoi here.

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