The best Apps and Games for Football Fans

Football App

With literally millions and millions of apps and games now available across an array of mobile-based platforms it can sometimes prove to be challenging trying to unearth what’s on offer. Football fans have the same problem when it comes to finding the best football-themed apps around. Apps to help keep them updated with all the live results on-the-go and to help them stay entertained and informed when it’s not match day. We take a look at just some of the best football apps currently on the market.


This extremely handy little app is available for free on both iOS and Android and is perfect for those hunting around for a pub that’s showing a particular match. If like me you’ve found yourself traipsing from pub to pub on the off-chance that this next particular drinking establishment will be screening that big Sunday derby only to be disappointed to find out that it won’t be then Corner will be able to concisely detail the ones that are and better still will show you how to find them.


For those of you that like the odd flutter on the footie will be pleased to know there’s an app for that. The Acca Tracker is an accumulator bet tracking tool that lets you place bets on all the latest games and keep track of them after. It will also keep you updated with the latest scores and even compare all the odds from a variety of bookmakers. The app is also great for helping you discover free football bets and you will also receive the best live odds in-play.

Football Manager Classic 2015


Although it doesn’t come cheap with its £14.99 price tag this excellent footballing app is a must for football fanatics. It’s a little less intense and addictive than most traditional football manager games on the market but this app-based managerial game is a much more bite-sized version than the PC title and perfect for keeping check of your team’s progress whilst on the go. There are in-app purchases available and a massive 117 leagues to play in.


If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare waiting for a bus or a train, or taking a well-earned break at work then this truly addictive little football game will help the time quite literally fly by. By using your finger you simply flick the ball around to score as many goals as you can as well as aiming for various targets and even shooting against the clock.

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