What can we expect from the iPad Pro?

The new Apple Pencil

Apple is nothing if not impressive, from the development of its devices to the speed with which it capitalises on market opportunities. It is also an unpredictable brand, with the ability to catch the market and its consumer unaware with new releases, spectacular launches and stunning developments. So while the brand’s recent, September launch event may have been dominated by the iPhone 6S, it was the sneak preview of the iPad Pro that truly caught customers unaware.

While the iPad Pro was definitely on the radar, its unveiling was not expected until next month or the New Year. Visitors were treated to a full specification update, however, alongside a potential release date, an introduction to brand new features and the recommended retail price. Expected to be one of the best and most capable tablets on the market in 2016, it has already caused quite a stir within the market and is expecting stellar sales during the first quarter of next year.

The iPad Pro is certainly the biggest and most powerful iPad produced by Apple to date, while it is one of the first that has the potential to replace the traditional laptop. The standard model will cost $799 (£450) and comes equipped with 32GB of internal storage. Those who are willing to pay a little more at $949 (£550) can secure the 64GB; however, while Apple has also followed its recent trend by releasing an additional, 128GB model for $1,079 (£630). This model will also boast 4G LTE support, so it is ideal for experienced or professional users.

iPad Pro Games

Whether you want to stream live media or access your favourite Sky Vegas slots, tablets are continuing to emerge as the preferred hardware for technology users. The release of the iPad Pro is therefore ideally timed, while it also follows in the footsteps of similarly powerful tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro and the underrated Lenovo Ideapad Miix 700.

In addition to this, next year will also see the launch of the ground-breaking Samsung Galaxy View, which is a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop that boasts an 18.5-inch screen. While this device has been designed specifically for the live streaming of movies and games, it offers a clear indication of where the market is heading and has set the bar for brands such as Apple to follow.

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