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Developed by Sanuk Games, Bombing Busters is an enjoyable puzzle game that’s perfect for winding down and relaxing while still experiencing the fun of a video game. In this game you play through 30 simple yet challenging mazes, emptying the level of obstacles and enemies with, believe it or not, bombs. Playing as a robot created by the crazed bomb-enthusiast Dr. Wallow to carry out as much destruction on alien worlds as you can. Dr. Wallow is a presence throughout the game as an occasional voice over, giving the game a fun little dynamic that makes even more fun.

While the game itself is simply average, with its okay graphics, lacking soundtrack and pretty plain plot line, there was something about it that just made me fall in love with it. Whether it was the cute robot you play as, the vibrancy of the game or just the general enjoyment I got from playing it, I don’t know, but there was something about this puzzle that kept a smile on my face whilst I was playing.

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I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me a staggering 5 attempts to complete just the first level. Now, whether this was just my complete and utter incompetency for puzzle games or the game actually being quite challenging, I don’t know, but what was good about this was that I was able to see a decent amount of variants on each level. When you fail, the level refreshes into a new layout, so there’s no muscle memory gained that helps and it makes the game a lot more interesting and engaging to keep playing.

The audio through the game was both repetitive but engaging. While there were funny voiceovers from Dr. Wallow who would criticise you for failing while making you laugh, there was also an incredibly boring and somewhat stereotypical soundtrack that accompanied the levels and menus. The game was accompanied by some electronic sounding remixes of classical music, which I personally wasn’t a fan of but it did feel like it kept the game moving at a steady pace. If the game were to have simply had the original classical versions of the songs, it no doubt would have felt more boring.

The graphics were pretty standard. They’re nothing to scream about but they work with how the game is intended to be. Unfortunately all the levels were set out in the same way, but simply designed with a different skin, so one minute you’d be destroying bushes of green leaves and the next you’d be destroying mini icicles but essentially it was the same thing over and over again. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – like I mentioned earlier, the levels were refreshed and rearranged with every play through so it wasn’t dull.

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There was no real tutorial to the game either, you’re pretty much thrown right in with no explanation but you get used to controls almost instantly, there’s nothing very complicated about the game at all to be perfectly honest and yes, while there are puzzle games that surpass it quite easily in regards to entertainment and wanting to come back and play more, there was just something about Bombing Busters that really made me enjoy playing it. Had anything I’d mentioned previously in this review been different I probably wouldn’t like it as much as I do.

Now, while it’s by no means my favourite game, Bombing Busters is an entertaining game. It’s fun for adults and children and is the perfect game to play when you want to sit back and amuse yourself (I personally will be using it as a procrastination tool, but you get the idea). So, should you buy Bombing Busters? The short answer: Yes. It’s only £5.79 on the PlayStation Store, which for an arcade game like this I think it would definitely be worth your money. Have fun exploding enemies and making your way through the mazes, I know I did.

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