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Game Tycoon 2 a Real time game from Sunlight Games. The main aim is to develop, promote and then sell video games. There are a number of different options within development of the game but some already exciting stuff despite it being in early access at the moment. There are two modes, a ‘Campaign’ mode which is essentially a story mode and also the ‘Endless’ mode which basically gives the player a set amount of resources and then just goes on forever, or as long as the player wants it to last.

Graphically this game actually surprised me. The concept of the game is very much based on the facts and figures it provides. Therefore the graphical content isn’t a massive issue. However in spite of it being an ‘early release’ and the fact the enjoyment of the game doesn’t rely on graphical content I really didn’t think it was that bad. Everything was clean and simple to view which aided enjoyment of the game as everything was properly set out and easy to view.

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This ties in perfectly with the game play aspect of my review as really that is the main aspect that the graphical content aids. With the real-time aspect of this game it can be a real commitment developing a game and even now as we speak I have a game that I will have to wait 5 days (real-time) until it is complete on the game. That is both a positive and a negative aspect in my eyes. While it adds a certain realism to the game  it can mean that those long slogs of gaming that some people love are put on hold purely because of the waiting and this could really stop people getting into the game in a way that the developers would like. Of course fans of this type of game will play just because their love of it. But I feel this game would struggle to attract new customers to the genre and for the reason I feel the game may struggle with people who aren’t already aware of and love games of this type.

I seem to have reviewed a lot of games recently in which their sound doesn’t much matter as it isn’t really part of the experience. The same is true for Game Tycoon 2. While the music and sounds compliment the game there are neither an influence positively or negatively on the quality of the game. For this reason the entertainment quality of the sounds in the game aren’t spectacular but they are their just as they need to be and no user will complain really about the lack of more depth in the sound department as it doesn’t take away from the game in any way at all.

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Overall I feel like this is an incredible start for the genre, personally I really enjoyed the game, the way it was laid out and all the options and menus that were available to me to make my games the success I wanted them to be. Despite having to wait in real-time sometimes I really did enjoy this game, as long as I balanced my books properly and didn’t overspend I always had something to do I developed a lot of short-term games to keep myself interested all the while making sure I had a bigger budget game on the go to make me some big money. As I’ve said this isn’t a game that newcomers to genre would really enjoy. But I feel Sunlight games are close to something and with a few tweaks they would really have something special on their hand to give to the gaming community.

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