Super Star Wars being re-released

Super Star Wars

The force is strong with Playstation! While any gamer could tell you that tomorrow is the release of the much-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront, it will also be the re-release of the Super Nintendo classic: Super Star Wars. The game will be available for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita and will have numerous, new features including: leaderboards, trophy support,  new save features, and updated controller and display options. The game will also feature cross-buy meaning the purchase of a PS4 copy will net you a copy on the PS Vita and vice versa.

This is clearly much more than a simple re-release. With the addition of all the features that would be expected in a brand new release, it is clear that Sony is taking the property very seriously. This is the first time Super Star Wars will be available since its re-release on the Wii’s Virtual Console in 2009. Will you be picking this up?

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