Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop Review

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I was talked into reviewing this game by a friend of mine. “It’s about Potatoes that make weapons. Also there are puns.” SOLD.

Holy Potatoes is filled with references that much is clear. My first employees at my Blacksmiths were Lara Croft, Hulk Hogan and Russell Peters. The crazy references don’t let up from there, you’ll be encountering all your beloved video game characters in potato form from here on out. You’ll be selling weapons to a variety of characters to supplement your payments to Agent 47 then suddenly Cloud from Final Fantasy walks in and suddenly you’re building his iconic sword for him. It’s sort of surreal that he’s a potato but based on his personality weirdly fitting.

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The main objective of the game is to make money from making weapons to various heroes. This is done in Video Game Tycoon system in which you have individual smiths which add certain attributes which are Damage, Accuracy, Speed and Magic to weapons, Lara Croft for example adds damage to weapons and Hulk Hogan builds speed for weapons. The game is centered around this idea of continually selling weapons and tailoring them to particular heroes who look for different attributes to each weapons, while rouges may buy daggers some prefer a higher accuracy while other will prefer higher speed. On top of this, there’s a leveling system in which heroes who buy your weapons will level up using them which you want to do to earn fame and unlock passports which gets to more worlds and more heroes.

What I liked about this game was it’s charm, the workshop you make weapons have an undeniable charm very much in style with anime, the characters themselves are interesting and will constantly spout references to their real life counter parts, it never got old seeing Hulk Hogan shout about Hulk-mania while upping the speed of a dagger he was making, there’s a weird kind of bliss when you encounter a potato dog for the first time and what him scamper around your workshop makes a nice enough distraction from the hustle and bustle of the workshop. The branching story of the protagonist attempting to revive the business after inheriting it from his grandfather is enough to give you motivation to move forward, it’s a simple plot which makes room for introducing various characters who you’ll probably recognize in potato form. As a game that is about a bunch of potatoes making weapons for potato heroes I don’t think the story is why you’ll play it.

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That said I’m left conflicted as while I enjoyed the game’s charm I’m not really sure if it’s really a fun game to play, quickly becoming a bit of a chore. The game-play doesn’t really change it up from the same formula of craft, sell level up heroes. Even with how much I enjoyed the games quips and potato universe, the game attempts to ups the ante with an increase profit demands from Agent 47 who owns 99.9% of your workshop but it doesn’t stop the game feeling like a chore, unless You are truly invested in seeing your workshop grow as I have seen other players workshop’s have turned from tiny wooden shacks into essentially weapon factories.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my time with the game, it’s well worth a look if you’re someone who can get past the monotonous gameplay then the game is well worth a look, perhaps with the winter sale on horizon you can pick up for a more attractive price. The game for what it is a very charming and entertaining trip if you’re willing to go through some repetitive gameplay.

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