Game On…It’s Good for You

Three friends playing video games while drinking beer.

How many of us have heard others say that playing video games is a worthless experience when we could be doing something else such as using our time online to educate ourselves? Well it’s now official that Video Games can be used as a training tool for quicker reactions as cognitive scientists have discovered that playing on action video games actually trains people to make the correct choice or decision faster!

Not only that but those who have experienced depression have reported that video games not only provide a source of entertainment but also provide a place to escape to even if it’s only for a short time. For those who suffer with depression being able to join friends online and go exploring offers that escape that no other entertainment can do, surely that proves in itself that gaming is not a waste of time for many?

Research has also found that video gamers also develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on about them, and not only does this make them better game players but it also improves quite a few real life skills like concentration, multitasking and driving, and when you think about it, it’s not so surprising that this increased concentration passes over to real life situations, and that bodes well for the developers of consoles, pc’s and mobile devices.

In fact over the last decade or so the sale and use of mobile devices especially has risen exponentially and we can now find a great deal on the High Street where one time we had to go to a specialist shop in order to buy what we required. The thought behind being connected more often than not whether its playing online on our consoles or through our mobiles or social media has also changed. No long do people feel that it is wrong or somehow ‘unhealthy’ to spend time online but in fact see it as a positive thing.

Of course the software providers have also upped their game and now provide some excellent apps that boast great graphics and audio clips to support their games. When the first apps came to our mobiles they were often not worth the trouble as loading was tricky and to be honest game-play was poor, now such sites like the mobile online casinos load an open up simply and once more, they are great to play. Playing has never been so simple or enjoyable than it is today, and we expect for things to progress even further in the near future.

So it appears whatever your choice is whether playing via your desktop, laptop or mobile device, far from gaming being a useless activity, it actually does some good. Tell that to the next person who says you are wasting your time playing your favourite game, that you are smarter for doing so!

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