SHAREfactory update for PS4 adds new features


SHAREfactory is getting a new update on the PlayStation 4 which will see the service gain a list of new features including Time Bender, which allows users to add slow motion and time lapse effects to their videos.

What to expect:

Layering for stickers and text (now referred to as overlays)
Two new music tracks
Three new filter effects
Three new wipe transitions and five new dissolve transitions
New Colour Picker. Text color is no longer constrained to a limited color palette

Via the PlayStation Blog

SHAREfactory Events will also be added, allowing users to create content for special events that will be held by game developers and publishers. The number of clips has also been increased to 50, and music tracks to 12, so that users can make more extensive videos.


Senior producer, Stuart Platt adds:

“Since launch, we’ve seen an explosive growth, with more than 5.1 million downloads of the SHAREfactory app, and more than 18.9 million awesome projects created by our PlayStation Nation. Our community continues to grow and we are extremely grateful for the continued support, feedback and most importantly, the sharing of your creative videos to the world.”

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