LootCrate November Box Review

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This morning while I nursed myself into the day holding a steaming cup of coffee, staring at my computer screen about to play Fallout 4 for about the tenth day in a row, my world was brutally shaken out of its calm concealment. The postman’s heavy-handed knock on my door had alerted me and I had to prepare myself for some mild social interaction. I opened the door still bleary eyed from my slumber and he handed me my easily identifiable black box of untold geek-ness….. Yes my LootCrate!

As I scurry to the kitchen to find a sharp object to carefully open the box of untold wonders, I try to gauge whether the size and weight of the box could be enough to be holding a Funko pop, I live in the hope of obtaining their rare and awesome pop figures (My girlfriend and I currently have about one hundred and twenty of them). The boxes always vary in size dependent on the cargo. It’s width tells me no Funko pop….but I press on and careful break its seal. Often the boxes have designs on the reverse that tie in with one or some of the objects inside, so caution is advisable when opening the box

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You usually get something designed for children in there but as I’m thirty-three I’ve only used a few of the stickers they’ve given me in the past, however they come in handy for younger members of the family, I have often re-gifted these items. The t-shirts are awesome and it strikes up the odd conversation like you’re in some sort of secret organisation. We chuckled while at this years EGX as we spotted a few of the designs in the crowd. This month however sat the holy grail, as good, almost better than a pop figure…. a Fallout 4 Vault Boy bobblehead! It’s an identical replica to those I have been collecting in the game and quiet honestly it rocked my world. He now sits, pride of place on my desk just in front of my mouse mat.

I also got a few Blizzard Entertainment goodies including a Cute but Deadly figure and a matching fridge magnet set. There was also a Hunger Games Mockingjay very well detailed metal pin badge which I overlooked (starry-eyed still over vault boy,) but it has my girlfriends interest and a Street Fighter exclusive comic which I’ll probably flick through one night if I can stop playing Fallout. All in all the Loot Crate stands out as one of the best geek related mystery crates out there. I have in my time of subscribing, received some truly awesome items! The geek themed T-shirts are always welcome too (you in put your preferred size when ordering). They are a pretty reasonable price considering what you get inside and it includes shipping from America, you can cut the price even more if you sign up for packages over three, six or a full twelve months.

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I really enjoy them, a lot of my excitement is potentially getting the cool exclusives I want and I’ll be honest, it kinda activates that still quite large part of my brain that believes I’m still eleven year old. The mystery that shrouds it until you open it just gives you a little bit of a flutter each month and the stuff I don’t want or need from the box, as I said, can of course be given to family members or as gifts for people who perhaps like certain genres that you aren’t that into. They usually follow a theme or an upcoming event such as Halloween, or the release of a Movie or Game which is great, they announce the theme on social media and then you wait with anticipation.

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