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I just got my hands on The Bit.Trip complete series, that has six games in total, which includes, Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate and Flux. All of the games have been separate releases that have had varied and unique gameplay mechanics with a vibrant style across the board.

These diverse challenges were bound together by an interesting 8-bit style aesthetic with awesome soundtracks. The action in the games are designed to work in tandem with the sound to create a unique musical gameplay experience.

I played this collection on PS4, and its nice to finally have all six games in one experience.

It’s a compilation that includes a number of new features that make each game more accessible, more challenging and most importantly diverse range of modes. The collection introduces difficulty modes, which is nice to see and offers replayability. The games are all unique in different ways, gameplay is simplistic but challenging. What the game modes do really well is that they have managed to keep controls to a minimum.

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Having an easy mode is a nice addition to the game, but if you still want the challenge, there’s hard mode that really tests your abilities. Its worth taking on hard mode to prove your worth as there are online leaderboards, which gives you a reason to get the best possible score. There are also 20 new challenges for each game. These are short gameplay segments that test your skills. The game modes are all varied, which I loved as it offered very different experiences. I found myself playing ‘Runner’ most of the time, as it pushes your timing skills and I wanted to keep on playing to beat my previous score.

The games are as interesting and addictive as always. In Bit.Trip Beat, you slide a paddle up and down the left side of the screen by tilting the PS4 controller. The aim of the game is to bounce the pixels that move from right to left back across the screen, much like the original Pong game. It’s a fairly simplistic game mode, that quickly ramps up in difficulty. Then there’s Bit.Trip Core. In this mode you must destroy projectiles by shooting lasers in the four directions of the D-pad. Again the gameplay is simplistic, but super fun to play. Bit.Trip Void is a different style of game. This time around you get to experiment more with movement around the screen. Your aim is to collect black pixel-like objects and avoid the white ones. You then grow in size as you collect more bits. Your score quickly increases as you get larger, which I really enjoyed. Bit.Trip runner in my opinion is one of the most classic game modes. It’s an endless runner that scrolls from left to right and you control a funky pixel character. It your job to jump, kick and dodge your way through the various obstacles in your way. Bit.Trip Fate is another unique gameplay mode, that I would describe as an on-rail shooter. You move again from left to right on a path that sees you dodging obstacles and firing at enemies in your way. The last game mode called Bit.Trip Flux, sees you controlling a paddle again. This time you face different obstacles in your way.

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The six game modes are awesome and offer a wide variety of gameplay mechanics. It’s nice to have the ability to jump in and out of the various modes, and the difficulty settings keep things fresh. Though the modes are all different in terms of gameplay, they all tie together because of the style of the game. The game has a vibrant colour scheme, with a retro feel that feels like classic arcade gaming. Then there’s the soundtrack, that in my opinion is fantastic. The techno beats work perfectly with gameplay and helps to create an experience that overall works really well. I even listen to the soundtrack outside of the game, which is something I rarely do.

Overall, The Bit.Trip is an awesome collection of games in one package. They offer diverse modes, with tight controls and visual flair. The new challenges and unlockables offer something intriguing for those who have played the games before, while the new difficulty modes offer replayability and another layer of depth. Bit.Trip kept me wanting to play and even when you get tired of one mode there’s another five to choose from. If you’re looking for a collection of games that play well and offer a challenge, then this is the perfect game to jump into.


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