Amnesia May See A PS4 Counterpart Arrive In 2016

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Frictional Games developers of Soma, Penumbra, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent has today stated that their Amnesia title may see a PS4 counterpart arrive in 2016.

Speaking during an interview the company’s creative director, Thomas Grip revealed the possibility that their acclaimed title could be receiving a Playstation 4 port at a later date.“We’re looking into it,” Grip said. “Now that we have an engine running on PS4, we are also looking into how easy it is to port, but we haven’t really decided yet.”

However, these changes have not yet obtained an official confirmation as stated by Grip later on “We have to look into it – what sort of problems might arise. So there’s always the chance of something that you thought that would be real easy turns out to be something that’s very time-consuming. We’ll make an announcement when we know.”

For those who are unaware Amnesia saw gamers take to a mysterious locations, in which players were imbued with few weapons or means of protection, in an attempt to escape, and reclaim their fleeting sanity.

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