6 Strange Casino Superstitions From Around the Globe

Gamblers are among the most superstitious people on the planet, which is why strange rituals and luck charms are sometimes ordinary in a casino. What’s more, there are plenty of rather weird gambling superstitions throughout the world. For example, in the UK these superstitions include rabbits feed, black cats, and Friday the thirteenth. They may look strange at first, yet when compared to other countires, they are rather tame. From penis necklaces, colour red, to smoked bird brains, we have chosen some of the most interesting. Read on.

article 1 - chinaChina.
Most Chinese gambling addicts are convinced that the colour red is extremely lucky. As a matter of fact, it is thought to be so lucky, than Chinese gamblers put on red underwear when they visit a Casino. It doesn’t matter what kind of underwear is worn, it could range from a bra to Y-fronts or boxers. Next time you visit a gambling table, make sure you wear something red on you. Thinking about this, to us, this sounds very, very odd.

article 1 - thailandThailand.
Well, brace yourself for this one. It is so strange that you almost cannot beat it. Thailandese gamblers wear penis medallions called palad khik around their necks. People are convinced that this increases their chances of hitting a jackpot or winning big. Players from Thailand also believe that those necklaces also make you extremely attractive to the women. Men, just make sure you don’t get too confident! You might end up disappointed.

article 1 - indiaIndia.
Indian gamblers believe that it’s unlucky to shave on Tuesdays and to wash your hair on Thursdays. They are extremely superstitious and even think that cutting nails on Saturdays and Tuesdays is unlucky. Well, we can say that their reputation is not fair at all. Be careful. Next time don’t cut your nails before going to a casino.

article 1 - south africaSouth Africa.
Plenty of South African gambling addicts believe that voodoo and multi-magic will bring them luck. Let us explain a bit more. These people believe that burned and dried vulture will give them special powers like sports outcomes before they are known or even lotto numbers. The vulture brains in particular are very popular.

article 1 - americaAmerica.
Many African Americans believe that if the palm of your hand itches, then it’s very likely that you may receive money. Why is this strange? Because it has its origins in an ancient African religion. What’s more, the same assumptiom is in the Native American folklore as well. Carrying lucky charms such as a rabbit’s foot is very popular in North America. The saying goes that you get to be very lucky if you carry the left hind foot of a rabbit that has been captured and shot in a cemetery. For some people, the moon cycle during the rabbit’s death counts as an essential factor as well.

article 1 - eastern europeEastern Europe.
In countries such as Romania whistling while you are gambling is thought to be very bad luck. Since whistling is very often a good way for people to conceal their discomfort, it has become a reason why superstitious gamblers think it’s a bad sign. Keep this in mind the next time you have the urge to whistle around a blackjack or poker table.

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