Famitsu Sheds More Light On Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s World And Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Screenshot

In the latest iteration of Famitsu Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s producers Yoshinori Kitase, director Tetsuya Nomura, and scenario writer Kazushige unveiled a range of new information regarding the title’s world and characters.

Firstly the group unveiled that as players progress through the title they will obtain access to the entirety of Midgar, and proceeded to reveal that the previously minor characters of Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge will all play drastically larger parts in the title’s story as well as gameplay.

For those who are unaware, Final Fantasy 7 saw gamers take to dystopian city, in which players were gifted with an exclusive range of melee and long-range weapons, in an attempt to elude the authorities and explore the dystopian lands of Midgar.

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