Seven Shocking Slot Machine Facts

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Slot machines are everywhere. In the 80s, for the first time ever, slot machines surpassed table games like blackjack and craps as the most popular game in the casino. Video poker and slots now account for more than 75% of the casino’s total take. The reason is obivous: way bigger jackpots. And players love huge jackpots. Let’s talk about the most shocking slot machine facts.

The complexity of slot machines far outweighs what we know about them.

World’s Biggest Slot Machine

The world’s biggest slot machine was called Super Big Bertha. It was 2.5 meters high and 2 meters wide. Manufactured in the 50s, this huge beast cost $151,000, which was plenty of money at that point (around $1.25 million now). It featured 8 reels with twenty symbols. Big Bertha was discontinued and now it’s only a legend. Queen’s Machine is the largest active slot machine at the moment, being located within the perimeter of Four Queens Hotel in Las Vegas.

The odds of winning of Super Big Bertha were extremely low, estimated at 1 in 25.7 billion, because the machine featured 8 reels and 20 symbols.

Who Boasts The Most Slot Machines?

The US does not boast the largest quantity of slot machines in one land mass. No, Las Vegas is not the top contender, Japan is. Research shows that there is approximately one slot machine per 28 people. When you compare this to Japan’s population, you find out that it is truly an inconceivable number of slot machines.


Those white spots on the slot machine reels are commonly called ”ghosts”. On a spooky note, think about this the next time you are feeling very superstitious while gambling. You don’t know who might be watching you back.

Why ”lemons and cherries”?

We have all seen pictures of cherries and lemons in traditional video slot machines, and that is because chewing gum used to be given away from them. Usually the fruit symbols used to indicate what type of gum flavour you’d get.

All-time Largest Payout

The largest payout amount ever offered by a land-based slot machine took place on March 21, 2003. A software engineer from LA won the staggering amout of $39.8 million. The casino paid the amount in annual installments of $1.6 million.

Can you improve your chances of winning?

You can actually improve your chances of winning. We know it sounds weird, but it’s true. You can choose which type of slot games to play, and there are some certain games that offer better odds than others. Did you know that a game with a fixed jackpot offers a better chance of winning than a game with progressive jackpot? On the same note, games with higher denominations offer better odds than others, and slot games with plenty of video bonuses offer less payouts than plain-vanilla, straightforward games.

First Slot Machine Ever Invented

The first slot machine was invented in 1895 by a car mechanic, Charles Fey. With a payout of fifty cents, it was incredible.

The first fully electromechanical slot machine was developed in 1963 by Bally – Money Honey (it offered an automatic payout of up to 500 coins without human help).

The first true video slot was developed by Fortune Coin Co in 1976 and was introduced in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. Their video slot technology was purchased by IGT in 1978.

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