Star Wars Battlefront Review

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With all the hype surrounding the latest Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens), it would make perfect commercial sense for a game to be released to add to the elation of the masses in the Star Wars fandom.

Star Wars Battlefront is an action shooter game developed by EA Dice, with additional work from Criterion Games. The game is the third major release in the Star Wars Battlefront sub-series and is considered to be a reboot of the previous game rather than a sequel. The game was released worldwide on the 9th of November 2015.

Before giving this game a critique, we must understand its roots and history which means going back to the previous game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, which was released 10 years ago and given a 9/10 rating by Steam. The game is an absolute classic and a legend of it’s era, the game was so good that upon hearing the news earlier this year that a new Star Wars game would be out, many avid gamers digged deep into their archives to search for the classic game which brings back many memories.

Now that I’ve got the sentimental, nostalgic part out-of-the-way, its evident to see that Star Wars Battlefront 3 has, not big, but gigantic boots to fill even though it is a remake rather than a sequel. Will it live up to its expectations?

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From the onset it is evident that Star Wars Battlefront lacks heavily in content compared to the previous game as most of the content is locked by a slow progression bar meaning you can only unlock it after reaching certain levels in the game which take forever to reach. There are also a large number of DLC’s you’ll have to get if you want to enjoy the full content of the game. Where the game lacks in content it certainly makes it up for it in the graphics department. The detail of the Star Wars universe is immaculate and the brilliant sound effects of the original trilogy will have you feeling as if you’re actually taking part in classic Star Wars battles.

Many argue that this game is just a Battlefield game with a Star Wars skin on it. The game definitely does lack in originality with the online gameplay with modes such as Blast which practically is Team Deathmatch in a Star Wars version which brings me to ponder just how much thought and effort was actually put into this game.

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The general gameplay is rather smooth and enjoyable. Unlike many other First Person shooters with Battlefront, hip shooting is a lot easier whereas with other first person shooters, hip shooting makes you lose out on accuracy and you actually have to aim to get in a decent shot. Does this perhaps make Star Wars an easier game compared to other first person shooters and lower the skill level required for this game? But who cares right? You get to be a stormtrooper and shoot lasers.

For me Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t pose anything special. It’s just another first person shooter. The fact that you get to play as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker etc. Will surely sell copies but is it really worth it? In this modern era of gaming there is a lot of competition especially when it comes to action shooting games. Back in 2005 when Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released, it was seen as a step forward in gaming which propelled it to become a legend of it’s era and quite frankly I highly doubt that this new Star Wars Battlefront game will be an era defining game. I’d recommend this game to anyone with extra time and money on their hands. For anyone looking for a bit more than the norm, this game just isn’t for you.

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