PS4’s Tales of Berseria Is Slated To Make Its North American Debut On An Unspecified Date

Bandai Namco has today revealed that following its hotly anticipated Japanese launch Tales Of Berseria will make a North American PS4 debut despite not possessing a confirmed release period.

This latest installment in the Tales Of Saga will see its Japanese PS3 debut during 2016, whilst the title is set to release on PS4 in America, Europe, and Australia following several improvements regarding its next generation port. According to a recent Famitsu article concerning the game, Tales of Berseria will take place in the same world as its predecessor Tales Of Zestria, despite its drastically earlier time period.

For those who are unaware, Tales Of Bersesia will see gamers take hold of  pirate Velvet Crowe, in which players will receive access to several primitive weapons, in an attempt to eliminate their monstrous foes, and battle the warriors who hunt them across the Wasteland.


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