Epic Games Reveals That Their Upcoming Moba Will Run At A Solid 60fps


Epic Games has recently revealed that their hotly anticipated Moba title, Paragon, will run at a solid 60fps following its console debut.

This news was revealed during a recently broadcast Twitch stream regarding the title in which the developer stated that a solid 60fps framerate was one of the teams goals. “That’s something that would be so cool to have,” said Senior Programmer Daniel Wright in reply to a question regarding volumetric lighting on PS4 versions of the title “We would love to have that no just for Paragon but, you know, for the engine in general. It’s not on the plan right now, we’re focusing on 60FPS on console so that takes a lot of effort.”

Paragon will see gamers take hold of several mysterious heroes throughout a number of maps, in which players will be imbued with new weapons and abilities, in an attempt to eliminate their foes, and claim their base of operations.

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