Coin For Slots Is Like Bone For Dogs: the majestic art of risking cash for pure fun


Have you ever wondered what is the secret sauce of slot machines? Why has this light-gambling gaming experience gained such an incredible traction over a century of spinning and coin-spewing? Always the most popular kid in the room, slot machines are lined up like soldiers ready for battle at the entrance to every casino in the world, on the home page of every online casino. 3

So why this slot and not another? What makes this game so unique and popular with every legal age group?

It’s All About The Coin

The coin you insert into the slot, or in this day and age, the coin you virtually deposit into your account with this site or the other. And the coin you will hopefully win. Remember the phrase “every coin has two sides”? Well, it’s true, literally and metaphorically.

Let’s start with the literal part. A coin does have two sides. It has been scientifically proven numerous times. Hence the worldwide phenomena of coin tossing in order to settle a disagreement or decide which team will get the opening kick at a football match. All this would not have been possible with a one-sided coin.

Metaphorically the phrase comes to express the idea that one should never result to the narrow view of matters. Widen your horizons brother, get some perspective on things. In the slot machine realm, the phrase symbolizes that you indeed need to pay money to play slots, but at the same time stand a chance to win back even larger sums of money during the play.

That is the beating heart of the slot experience – bet a certain amount of money and in return get the chance to win exceedingly larger amounts of money, like demonstrated in this video.

It’s Not All About The Coin

So the possibility of winning money is a big attraction. But the charm and allure of slot machines doesn’t come solely from that. In the days of the previous century the attraction came from the ease of play. For those who wouldn’t dare to sit at a blackjack table and wanted a simpler experience, one that stretches over so many more cigarettes, the super simple slot provided a much needed oasis.

These days, it is the phenomenal graphics and animation that are present in online video slots that form the attraction. They don’t fall short of FPS or any other online gaming experience, as this review illustrates so well.

Actually, It Is All About The Coin

Cool graphics, captivating animation and all that dubstep, but the truth must be told: the slot lives and dies by the coin. It’s all about the thrill, about risking cash. Let’s try to illustrate this point.

Have you ever been to the racecourse? Sure you have. If you haven’t – are you serious? This is truly the most fun you can possibly have in this world without having Sienna Miller holding your hand and looking into your eyes.

Anyway, the racecourse is an empty experience without holding a slip of paper in your hand, a slip of paper representing the amount of cash you decided to risk on the current race. Without that slip would you really care which horse runs faster? Please.

Same goes for slots. You can play online slots and win cash on this site; there are many other sites, this is just an example. The main point is: if you stand the chance to win cash, you are all in emotionally. And it doesn’t need to be an obscene amount of money. A very modest sum will do the trick. Try it and find out.

Romancing The Coin

The proof for all this is that basically, all online casinos and slot websites offer new comers the chance to play free of charge without a deposit even. It is truly so. A website will give you Free Spins as they are called, the opportunity to play for free for real money. It’s pretty cool, you have to admit it. You play without risking any cash but do stand the chance to win money. Doesn’t get much better than that and this just comes to show that the thrill of risking cash, even cash that is not yours, is enough to get your reels spinning with excitement.

So next time you have some free time on your hand and you are thinking of spending it shooting peeps online – just for the sake of shooting them – think again. Why not give a try to the “other kind” of online gaming, a kind that is much less violent (and a bit more mature, c’mon, what is up with this childish fascination of being a big killer hero?) and is targeted at the adult population that enjoy a little gamble here and there?

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