ReCore announced to launch on PC, too


Ex-Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune is developing the title with concept (Mighty No. 9) and Armature Studio, which is composed of former Metroid Prime developers. Microsoft debuted the desert-set sci-fi adventure game during its E3 2015 press conference, where Phil Spencer confirmed it would be heading to Xbox One the following spring.

When ReCore launches sometime this year, it will do so on both Xbox One and Windows PC, unfortunately for PlayStation fans the game will not be making it’s way on to their consoles, at least they still have Horizon Zero Dawn, so no one should be complaining.

The news came by way of a post by corporate vice president Mike Nichols detailing the company’s 2016 plans, in which the former Xbox One exclusive is listed among other titles as coming to both Microsoft’s home console and Windows 10 systems.

A potential PC release for ReCore was first hinted at back in August, when a project member’s Linkedin profile was found to list the game as an upcoming Xbox and Windows release. January 4th’s official post confirms the expanded list of platforms for the game.

The game’s release remains undated, although the original spring 2016 release has seemingly been pushed back; according to Microsoft’s post, it’s slated for a general 2016 release. As both Xbox, and PC gamers await for ReCore’s official release it is without question that this decision to add the game to the PC market will most certainty set some fire for some PS4 players who so dearly wish to get their hands on it; Xbox, and PC on the other hand are clearly setting their standers and currently have the upper hand on this one.

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