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The Withering is a post apocalyptic survival horror game, that sees you trying to survive in a world where a horrific virus has wiped out 90% of the population. These types of themes in games and TV are very popular right now with the likes of H1Z1 and DayZ.

The Withering has implemented a lot considering it’s still in early access. The game is seeing plenty of consistent updates and improvements, so things may change within the game as it progresses. The gameplay mainly consists of two important elements. These include real-time action, but most importantly turn based management. You have to basically look after a group of survivors in a camp and manage various tasks and attributes. You can build up camp defenses from enemies, build shelter, manage upgrades and other important assets.

The Withering also has moments that see you having to make quick decisions at points in the game, that can happen randomly. This was a good feature in the game as it kept you on your toes, and kept gameplay interesting. Crafting and sorting your survivors is vital in order to carry out tasks. You can form a group of survivors to go and raid other camps for resources. I have only played a bit of DayZ, and in that game I felt much more on my own.

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You can create and manage characters that can leave the camp to explore the wasteland. You explore the world, looking for resources to then bring back to your base. You can then use these resources to upgrade various aspects of your group and camp. The game focuses a lot on resource management, which I really enjoyed. You will face various types of enemies on your expeditions, and this is where it becomes important to upgrade and create characters that can deal with what lies ahead.

What I enjoyed about the game was the ability to either loot cities in real-time, or simulate it to speed things up. As I said before, the game requires you to think quickly as you could be attacked at any time. It’s important to have your defenses ready, and enough people to fight off enemies from your camp. It often felt like a delicate balance, and I enjoyed the risk and reward factor of the game.

Occasionally during gameplay, I came across a bright light. These were loot drops that come in two forms. The red ones provide weapons, and the green gives you resources. These drops can be a real boost when you need it most, so keep your eyes out. It’s important to note that weapons have durability, which might seem frustrating, but adds to the realism. You can also rescue and recruit survivors in the world to help your camp.

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I only had a couple of issues with the game. Firstly, the camera movement and placement can be a bit awkward at times, and the combat feels a bit clumsy. The presentation of the game is decent but nothing special. I certainly preferred playing DayZ, but this still felt like an absorbing experience. The game is only in early access, and therefore improvements are being made all the time to enhance the experience. I enjoyed the range of enemies, and they are animated well. I also think that the sound design worked well, and helped to create an unsettling atmosphere.

Overall, The Withering is a game that clearly takes inspiration from the likes of DayZ, H1Z1 and games that involve inventory management in a post apocalyptic world. The game does have its issues, which will hopefully be resolved or improved. The game does a good job of mixing up the gameplay with action and system management. It will be an interesting game to keep an eye on as new patches are released.

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