No good news for those waiting for a background music player on Xbox One

If  you’ve set your Xbox One to its recent update then you’re aware that it is nothing more just a minor update, and you’re probably disappointed at the results. Unfortunately Xbox One background music player is further off than you might have hoped.

The ability to play music in the background while using other apps and games at the same time won’t be available until at least the summer, Phil Spencer told a fan on Twitter.

Although, while the Xbox One does currently allow you play music over the top of other activities, which requires snapping the app in question to the side of the screen. A less intrusive approach, like the ones already available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, is currently the most requested change on Microsoft’s Xbox Feedback page with over 22,000 votes. The next highest on the list, a calendar app listing upcoming game releases, has just under 9,000 votes.

In October, Spencer said that background music on Xbox One is “in the list of things we want to do, just behind other work we are doing right now.”

So seems like Xbox one owners will have to wait a little longer till their able to play their music in the background without use of the rather irritating side-window. For now having a second window is the possible way to play music while running another app, or just simply use your tablet, smart phone, or laptop on the side if that makes it less of a hassle.

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