New Attack On Titan Game Trailer Revealed

Koei Tecmo developer Omega Force has unveiled a brand new trailer regarding their upcoming game counterpart of the Attack On Titan anime and manga series. Attack on Titan is the seventh Omega Force third-party collaboration title based on the titular animated adaptation of the comic made by Hajime Isayama.

The trailer showcases several movement abilities as players propel themselves across the rooftops, as well as characters returning from the anime series, and a range of new abilities regarding Titan executions. In  addition to this the trailer sees the debut of in-game weapons shops in which players will be able to purchase daggers as well as other weapons and distractions in order to escape the titans.

Attack On Titan PS4 will see gamers take to the Titan infested remains of wall Maria, in which players will obtain access to the 3d maneuver gear that will allow players to propel themselves across rooftops and titans, in an attempt to eliminate their giant enemies and reclaim wall Maria.

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