Our Favourite Games on the Appstore

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest evolving markets around, with a huge user’s base and a growing share in the virtual gaming arena. Here is a look at some of our favourite mobile games available to download and play from the Appstore.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens gave the entire brand a shot in the arm and this Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes app was one game that benefited from such a boost.

It is like a journey through the whole Star Wars universe as players are tasked with collecting their favourite Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Han Solo with names from the original movies, prequels, the latest release, and the animated spin-offs all available. Players then build ultimate teams of their characters and fight other players to become the best with arenas such as Coruscant, Tattooine, and Hoth available to battle in.

Here is the official site of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which has a link to both Google Play and iTunes app stores.

Sling Kong

Loosely based on the story of King Kong, this app is a fun and free game that gives players the chance to sling and swing their Kong character to victory. It sounds like a fairly basic app but when you get involved and you are faced with trying to avoid all the nasty villains who are out to stop you from reaching your glorious finish point it gets a bit tasty.

Players can choose from a number of characters including Chimp, Jellyfish, and Pig with the option to either play a single player mode and complete missions or take on friends and randomers in a social challenge.

This is the page of the app on iTunes appstore.

Taichi Panda

It is not the most obvious idea that springs to mind when thinking of apps but Taichi Panda certainly works. This is an ideal game to play at Christmas with the app possessing a festive theme through its Holiday Update.

Players must try to make their chosen panda the greatest of all by slashing their way through all opponents, discovering powerful gear and tools, and then moving onto the online platform and taking on others from around the world.

Slot Machines

Mobile slots are a fun way for fans of slot machines to get their kicks whilst on the move. There is a huge variety of mobile slot machines available – some offered by casino operators, others by specialized app developers. There are free games, real money games, social options – the variety is endless. We love these games because they are exciting, colourful and just pure fun. You can decide whether to take it up a notch and play for real money or stay in the fun level, it is really up to you.

The site practiceslotmachine.com which is a site that is completely dedicated to this game, offers more information about slots.

BTD Battles

This is an app that at first glance looks like it was made for kids but is certainly more than that. It has built a reputation for being the finest tower defence head-to-head strategy mobile app with cartoon monkeys taking a central role.

Players can battle to the sound of over 20 custom battle tracks, fight with 22 amazing monkey towers, and play one of three modes consisting of Assault Mode, Defensive Mode, and Battle Arena Mode.

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