3 Online Games that develop kids’ mental and physical skills

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We used to think that online games usually assist unhealthy skills and dependence. With time those habits can transform into a real gamer’s way of living. If one begins in young age – it is difficult to quit it later. Online gaming absorbs all free time and produces irresistible temptation to switch the favorite website on. In order to stop such involvement into the playing world one should find alternative mode of emotional dependence.

However there are certain games that improve mental score and physical ability especially if playing them on a regular basis. Some of them can be found on this curious gaming portal.

1. Puzzle Box.
Puzzle BoxIn this game you will have to solve amazing puzzles and your goal is to make the best record. On the gaming path you will meet different obstacles of gradually augmenting level of difficulty. That is how this game trains your logic, abstract mind, mental abilities and concentration. Moreover it helps to focus strength and endeavor in one place within limited time lapse. Such skills might be useful in real life as they are considered potential winning skills. The game can bring up a winner, a hero.

2. Exploding Penguins
Exploding PenguinsThis fascinating game is where you will need organizer and team leading skills. The main task of the game is to assure that little penguins meet each other. It is not as evident as it seems. You should be precise and motivated in order to complete the game successfully. Sometimes you fail as you choose two penguins that do not want to meet. But as far as you progress you understand that it was supposed to happen to let two other penguins meet each other. That is how it works. With every new game you gain dexterity and experience. It teaches to react in the right way in real life.

3. Dracula Boom
Dracula BoomIn this scaring game you will meet the famous Dracula. As you are considered a very powerful hero you will have to kill him and to save poor people of Transilvania. The battle will be fierce and smart. You will have to use several levels of protection and very exact moves to proceed. But first of all you will have to overcome fear. Dracula Boom game shows you how to be determined and fearless in real life when surrounding conditions become tense.

So, most of the games teach you something if you try to understand the real purpose of each one. Online games make you strong and self-confident. If you are smart enough to use it in real life – you will gain much success of low effort in many life situations.

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