Livelock announced for the PS4


Tuque Games, creators of Livelock, a fast-paced co-op shooter, have announced through the PlayStation Blog that they will be launching their upcoming game this year.

The game will be set during the 22nd century in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has perished, due to a ‘catastrophic’ gamma ray burst. This resulted in Rogue Clusters (groups of robots) being left behind who, because of their corrupted data, are waging war among themselves. In order to prevent this SATCOM, a super A.I, has awoken backups of human consciousness known as Capital Intellects.


“When thinking about Livelock, our teams looked to create something that brought us back to the fun and camaraderie of the arcade days. A game that presents a challenge for even those experienced video game players. While you’ll have a variety of tools to succeed at your disposal, refining your abilities, thinking tactically and working cooperatively are the only ways to overcome some of our most challenging content. Think less of a bullet hell top-down shooter and more of overcoming overwhelming odds.” – Perfect World Entertainment Communications Manager Alex Monney, via PlayStation Blog.

Livelock features three playable characters that have different abilities and personalities. The first of the three, Hex, can be seen in the announcement trailer below (excuse the typo):

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