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Just based on reading the title of Super Snow Fight you can pretty much guess what the game is about. After playing this game I don’t really see what was super about it.  It is an arena based shooter where the object is to kill as many of your opponents as possible with snowballs. You can play against friends or AI. Up to four people can play each round. Each player has a certain number of hearts. You lose hearts when someone hits you with a snowball. Whoever gets the most kills when the timer hits zero is the winner.

That’s pretty much the gist of Super Snow Fight.  When playing the PC version you use WASD to move around and the mouse pad to aim. You also use the mouse pad to shoot. You only get a limited number of snowballs and then have to press the R button to reload. Aiming can be tricky in the game. The longer you hold down the button on your mouse pad the longer your reach when you throw your snowball. The only interesting things I found about Super Snow Fight were the various playable characters and the unlockable arenas.

There about 30 characters. You can play as Santa, an elf, zombie, mummy, snowman, a cop, and other random characters. Each character doesn’t play different than the other. You would only choose a character out of personal preference. For some characters you do have to win a certain number of times before you can unlock them. I think the only reason anyone would keep playing is to unlock the arenas and other characters. After a round or two you are pretty much dying of boredom. Which in turn leaves replayability on the low side.

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There are extra items that you can use against your enemies besides snowballs. Items can be used for both defense and offense. You can use missiles, grenades, shields, and more. Only a few items are available at first. More items become available later. In order to use the items you have to get to them first. They are scattered around the arena. Whoever gets to the item first gets to use it. Extra hearts are available as a health boost. There are only about four arenas: snowy backyard, castle grounds, a crystal mine, castle grounds, and a graveyard. Even though some of the arenas have hazards, and obstacles they pretty much have the same layout.

Since the layout of each arena is basically the same it just adds to the dullness of the game. If that wasn’t bad enough there are only two game modes. One is Deathmatch and the other is Team Deathmatch. Deathmatch is just the regular mode where its you against the AI or friends. Team Deathmatch is 2 vs. 2 play. Even the game modes don’t have much variation. Neither mode has an online version. There is also no feature to separate who is on which team. The only way you know is the scoreboard.

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There are no difficulty settings in Super Snow Fight. Using the mouse pad when playing can be tricky at first but other than that it isn’t really hard to get kills in the game. If you have a remote it’s even easier. One thing Super Snow Fight has on its side is that it is user-friendly. Anyone of any age can dive right in and play. Since the game doesn’t have a high difficulty level it can be a good game for kids. There is some decent enjoyment from playing the game.

The graphics aren’t the best either. The graphics aren’t up to today’s standards or are high resolution. The graphics are like something you would be used to seeing in a PS2 game. Even though it is called Super Snow Fight I liked that the environments weren’t all snow related. I also liked that the characters weren’t just Christmas themed or snow related. I liked that there were mummies, ninja, and arenas like a castle.

Super Snow Fight is a fun game in small doses. In real life if you were to have a snow ball fight you wouldn’t have one all day. You would quit after about 20 mins time because its cold out and it gets dull. The same concept can be said of this game. The biggest problem is the lack of variety. The game is pretty flat. Kids and casual gamers might be more into Super Snow Fight. It’s a decent fun game in short sessions.


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