UFC 2 Closed BETA Review

The weeklong UFC 2 beta starts now

The weeklong beta began on Jan 28 and I was very fortunate enough to be one of the few to get their hands on the UFC 2 Closed Beta. Only 2 days since the beta’s release and it has not failed to amuse, and has everything you hope to expect. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture any screenshots of the game and its features, hints the word “closed” beta, so you’ll just have to bear with me.

This year, based on the demo, the new UFC introduction to the game takes you to the UFC 189 Welterweight Championship between Rory Macdonald and Ruthless Robbie Lawler that took place last year on July 11th in Las Vegas, putting you right in the hands of Robbie Lawler in the 5th and final round which you inevitably win with an earning of 5,000 coins to go along with it. Looking back from UFC to UFC 2 there really hasn’t been much of a change in the system; although, the handling of the controls does feel much smoother and more reactive the commands, the gameplay itself feels fairly exceptional.

Moving on from the introduction, your automatically takes you to the skill challenge mode where you test out the new and improved features the that have been added to the beta.

Stand up, Clinch, and Ground challenges have been tweaked around making your fighting experience all but more satisfying and easier for you to improve your skills.

Standing: defense tactics, quick strike, heavy bag hands & legs

Clinch: clinch control, takedown offense/defense

Ground control: top & bottom drills, submission offense/defense

For standing defense and quick strike, the controls have not changed, only difference done to the mechanics is pretty much its fluidity of the controls and commands in the motion when fighting. The heavy bag on the other hand, has a slight new adjusted feature that allows you to train with your hands/legs strikes individually making it easier for you to get you familiar with and how to perform a proper strike, and gives you the ability to focus more on your combos more effectively to make you more aggressive on your feet.

The key concept of the challenge is to strike the bag in certain sections that are highlighted in a bright yellow box that either representing the top half of the body or the lower half. I found this style of training to be highly effective than in the previous UFC.

In the clinch – control, transitions, and takedowns – have a whole new control scheme that changes how you maneuver in the clinch. Rather than rotating the right stick in a clock/counterclockwise motion to switch transitions or a takedown, you simply shift & hold the right stick up, down, left, or right till the transition is in full cycle.

Depending on what and where the attempt attack is coming from you can hold the right trigger while moving the right stick towards the attempt to defend an attack or transition, as well as holding down the left bumper or trigger while holding the right stick in any direction that are available at the point of attack to perform a technical/advanced maneuver or takedown.

As far as ground control goes, noting much as really changed.

Ultimate team
In UFC 2, Ultimate team is new an all-new mode that allows create your own team of custom fighters and compete to dominate the leaderboard and customize your fighters with items. Once you’ve gotten past the UT introduction you’re then left to create your very first fighter in the My Team home screen. The My Team home screen is split into separate 5 categories: Team level, roster, score, and earnings, that give you the opportunity to track and handle your team in a fluent and significant order that is fairly easy to understand how to work.

Team Level
Team level represents your overall progress in the mode. As complete fights with any team member you earn xp. level them up to earn reward packs and unlock more fighter levels for greater customizable potential.

Team roster
In Ultimate team you can create up to 5 fighters in any of the 4 weight classes: light/middle/heavy, and women’s Bantamweight. the weight determines your opponents as well as which upgrades are usable on your fighter

Team score
Your team score represents your overall team achievements. Every team member, past or present, adds to your team score based on his/her fight history and records. You can compare against other players and your friends on the leaderboard.

Team earnings
Your team earns bonus coins every day for any single player match championship fight that involve your fighters, plus a daily team bonus. these accumulate up to a maximum value, so it’s very important that you make sure to redeem the regularly.

When you put all these features together and you really set your time and effort, the last and most important part of the beta is the quick fight unranked head-to-head mode where you really put your skills to the test. In quick fight you surprisingly have a full set of fighters too choose from. I was expecting to have only a limited of maybe up to 5 fighters at most, but a full weight class to choose from is much sweeter, and even has a new official (not a guest) fighter who’s been added the roster which might please a few fans.

There’s some pretty bad glitches and bugs right now that need to be fixed obviously, but that’s the whole joy of the beta. If this is what the beta has to offer I can’t wait to see what the final version has in stored.

UFC 2 is scheduled to release March 15, 2016 with Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor on the front cover.

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