Mega Coin Squad Review

I’ll admit that platformer games are not my favourite genre of video game nor do I think they ever will be, but Mega Coin Squad defied every single expectation I had going in. With the little research I did before playing, I expected this game to be nothing more than a sad attempt at ripping off Super Mario, but boy was I wrong. This fun-filled, manic 2D platformer brought just enough excitement and fun to the table to make me want to keep playing and coming back for more.

Big Pixel Studios and Adult Swim Games have created an addictive and entertaining game for anyone with Mega Coin Squad. With the choice of playing a single player campaign on a quest to collect thousands of coins and the 4 ‘Mega Coins’ or local multiplayer, I can honestly say you’ll find it hard to get bored while playing. Choose from six characters: Mikey, Stef, Chunk, Mouth or Data as you play, each of them having their own unique story as to how they ended up on this journey to collect coins.

One thing I particularly loved about this game was the ever-changing levels. Not only was every level different, but each level changes continuously as you play; adding a fun twist and challenging element which isn’t present in a lot of platformer games. I played my game through with Stef, a girl in desperate need of a job. Her high-speed and acceleration stats coupled with her low weight stat make this character light on her feet and perfect to use if you want to race through levels and collect quickly, making up for her low power stat.

The graphics resemble an old 90’s arcade game in every element from the character select, level select, cut scenes and actual gameplay which I adored. There’s something nostalgic about playing a game like this that makes you remember being young and playing those retro arcade games, while being in the comfort of your own home and having the speed and quality of a next-gen console game. While I will admit the soundtrack used was very repetitive and a little annoying to listen to at times, it seemed to work with the overall feel of the game. The actual music itself was very electronic and suited the genre perfectly; it is just a shame that there wasn’t much variety.

Now we come to the subject of price. Is this addictive platformer really worth £11.99? The short answer: No. While I do personally really enjoy the game and all it has to offer, I feel that it just isn’t worth over £10. Frankly there are not enough levels in the single player campaign to make it worth that much money and I do feel that the game could get monotonous after a while in multiplayer mode. However, if platformers are your genre of choice then give it a go, because I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Rating 8

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