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Baseball Riot is a fantastically well planned out and laid out game. It bring to mind the original PlayStation classic ‘Bust-a-Move’ each time I play it, albeit with a vastly improved graphics system and more of an objective to the game.

The game is based around one main character, Gabe Carpaccio, Who travels around through more than 100 levels defeating different types of baddies throughout the US. With increasing difficulty as the player progresses through the levels. The game from developer 10tons Ltd really does have a lot of content for a very low price which is one think that immediately everyone can understand as a positive.

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The game play in the title throughout remains the same with little change in terms of possible special abilities or other such instances where the game might deviate from its original path and bring about some sort of diversity in the game play. With that being said the game play if there are long sessions can become a bit tedious and repetitive with no real game play changes other than the varying puzzles that the user must traverse to in order to progress within the game. With that being said, in short burst this really is a fantastically fun game. It utilizes a really good gravity system which isn’t too strict in order to keep the ball bouncing around the screen to ensure that some fantastic trick shots are available and can be incredibly fun to try and go for. An example of this is that some of the missions can be completed with that one perfect shot which is a great challenge to go for.

The music for this game is pretty standard repetitive stuff with few other noises in the game at all to really drown it out. I didn’t find this an issue as this isn’t a game that necessarily requires sound but an improved system in this respect could go a long way for something that wouldn’t necessarily take too much effort. Personally it wasn’t an issue I could listen to music and other such media. But for an overall gaming experience this game does lack in that sense. This obviously isn’t

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Graphically while not amazing the game is somewhat basic with few advanced graphical content. it has the basic characters but  not much movement of change of them dependent on the game play, which is sometimes disappointing but again takes nothing really away from the main features of the game. Its simply just something that would’ve made the overall feel a bit more improved. With this in mind I would’ve specifically focused on the ‘enemies’ in the title. While the main character doesn’t necessarily need to change all that much I felt like the enemies were a little static in their movements and could have really been developed on to make certain parts of the game a bit more challenging and engaging. This could be taken into various other cut scenes as well just to develop the story more and perhaps reward the player to ensure that they are still interested and invested in the ‘story mode’ of this game.

Overall, while some of the features may be a little basic from more advanced titles, Baseball Riot is entertaining enough for the features mentioned not to really gave an impact on enjoyment at all. After all this game isn’t supposed to be a graphically spectacular title. If it was it would seem strange as the game is just some basic fun with a nice story line to ensure that there is an end goal with the ever-increasing in difficulty puzzles.

Rating 7

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