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Cobalt is a side-scrolling, platformer with fighting. The game comes from Oxeye Game Studio and is published by Mojang. I played it on PC, but it’s also available on Xbox One and 360.

I’m a big fan of this type of game, and was excited to see how it played. The game is about a sci-fi world where humans no longer exist. You play as a robot, who is searching the various planets and environments for distress signals. In a way it reminded me of the film Wall-E. As you play through the game you will face various enemies. You can get help from allies that act as mounts or shields.

The gameplay is slick, fun and very responsive. Cobalt sees you fighting various types of enemies, that offer some really challenging moments. Movement feels great and you can run, jump, roll, slide and fire your weapons. You also get the ability to use melee weapons to your advantage. The game is all about using your equipment in the best possible way to get through each area. I loved being able to experiment with the wide range of weapons and equipment.

The combat has three main types that include, firearms, melee weapons and throwable items. You can easily switch between the types of weapons to take out the bad guys. The game does a fantastic job of combining slick movement with a range of powerful attacks. The combat truly feels satisfying and fun to play. It took me a little while to get a hang of the controls, but once I did it was hugely satisfying and addictive.

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The game also has other gameplay elements besides combat. You will have to do things like lock picking and hacking. This was a nice change of pace and kept the gameplay interesting. The puzzle like hacking takes some trial and error, and can get a little frustrating, but overall it feels like a nice addition to the game.

Cobalt is heavily focused on the momentum of your character. You need to adapt and change your playstyle to approach each situation in the best way possible. The levels are wonderfully designed, and see you finding new ways to approach areas and enemies. I found it fun to experiment within different situations and what I could do to succeed.

The gameplay in Cobalt is the kind that I love. It feels hectic and challenging, but never punishing. If I died, it was my fault and I could then improve and adjust to succeed. I absolutely loved experimenting with different weapons and movement combinations to get through certain areas. Cobalt is a game that offers a challenge but still feels manageable. The more you practice and experiment, you will improve and enjoy the game more.

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The game also has co-op mode, along with some competitive modes. You can play some of these modes on your own, and you can play with friends, taking turns. The modes include things like survival mode, which is a simple wave based game. There is Deathmatch, Plug Slam and Team Strike. These modes offer a good range of gameplay options, and are a good way of practicing your skills.

The overall presentation is great, with colourful environments and well animated characters. I would have liked to have seen a bit more depth to the characters themselves, but overall I liked the style. The action and movement in the game is fast paced and focuses on momentum and precision. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the electronic sound effects work really well. There isn’t much of a story, cutscenes and there’s no voice acting, which is fine as it’s all about the gameplay, which feels great.

Overall I really enjoyed Cobalt, mainly due to the slick gameplay. The game feels hectic, fast-paced and it has some funny moments. The levels and enemies are well thought out and designed, and I really enjoyed playing around with various weapons to destroy enemies. It will take a bit of time getting used to the controls and movement, but once you get it, it feels awesome. I would certainly recommend this game if you like a challenge, that feels rewarding.

Rating 7

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