Pirates: Treasure Hunters announced for PS4

Pirates: Treasure Hunters

Spanish developers Virtual Toys have announced that Pirates: Treasure Hunters is heading to the PS4.

The MOBA game, which is currently in beta, features multiple different heroes and vehicles to use in a pirate-themed universe. Pirates: Treasure Hunters will be “a totally new and refreshing approach to the genre”, and will include a league system that supports e-sports.

Creative Director at Virtual Toys, Jesus Iglesias, said via the PlayStation Blog:

“We are very excited to finally announce that the game we have been working on for the last two years is going to be released in a few weeks! This game is Pirates: Treasure Hunters. Yes, we love pirates! We read lots of books about pirates! We watch movies about pirates and now we’ve made a game of Pirates.”

Pirates: Treasure Hunters

“Pirates: Treasure Hunters is the first MOBA e-sports game specifically created for a console system like PS4. Forget about pointing and click and enjoy a really fast-paced gameplay experience full of possibilities. You can expect lots of different heroes to play with, as well as vehicles and authentic pirate ships with cannons to enjoy true sea battles.”

Watch the gameplay trailer for Pirates: Treasure Hunters here:

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